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    2020 St. Edward Football

    [/I] Where is Woodson located? Is it located in Virginia? Thanks
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    Division I - Region 1 Championship: Mentor (12-0) vs. St. Edward (11-1)

    I was in no way disrespecting Mentor. In my opinion, Mentor has the best team in the State. They also has a great program and coach. I was just giving my opinion why I feel that St. Eds may win. I also appreciate the fact that Mentor agrees to play St. Eds, most teams in Northeast Ohio...
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    Division I - Region 1 Championship: Mentor (12-0) vs. St. Edward (11-1)

    My guess is that the game will be played at Byers as in previous years. I think that the Eagles will prevail, the first time they met O Malley ---Eds qb ---had not started any varsity game and he has come a long way. Go Eagles
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    St Edward Eagles

    Can someone list the St. Eds schedule please. Thanks
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    Eds vrs Iggy Part 2

    Should be another great contest. I am sure both squads would prefer to play some other school.
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    Who is coaching Elyria this year?

    Is EB coaching at Perrysburgh?
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    Time Warner or Uverse? which one is better for high school football coverage?

    Does anyone know the football games that Uverse and Time Warner have scheduled for the Cleveland area for the rest of the football season? Who has the better overall coverage for scholastic football in Ohio? Thanks