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    NCAA indoors

    What Ohio athletes have been accepted into the field at nationals? From the Dayton area, I see Meadowdale grad Wayne Lawrence, running the 400 for Iowa (45.56)
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    Tough year in Region 3

    Lancaster and Wayne both have Harbin point averages of 18.7, but they're 9th and 10th, on the outside looking for the playoffs. In Region 2 and 4, an average of 18.7 would put you in third place, on track for a playoff home game. Week 10 is going to be tight.
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    GWOC boys meet

    I haven't followed CC that closely this year. Am I seeing right that Miamisburg and Tipp should challenge Centerville for the overall team title? Is there anybody else of that caliber, or is there a dropoff to the next teams?
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    Tuesday night games

    Not a thrilling schedule but here are some of the big-school games on tap tonight: Beavercreek at Miamisburg Springboro at Fairmont Wayne at Lebanon Fairborn at Troy Stebbins at Butler Xenia at Sidney Turpin at Lakota East Moeller at Lakota West Covington Catholic at Elder Colerain at LaSalle...
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    Tuesday night scores

    Big-school scores that I see St. Xavier 2, Anderson 1 Beavercreek 1, Lebanon 0 Lakota East 1, Loveland 0 Fairmont 1, Northmont 1 Centerville 3, Miamisburg 1 Carroll 9, Tecumseh 0 Wyoming 7, Oak Hills 0 Turpin 3, Fairfield 0 Springboro 5, Springfield 0 Butler 4, Fairborn 0 Tipp 5, Xenia 0 Sidney...
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    Opening weekend games

    Coming from the big-school side, I see Springboro-Mason, Lakota West-Centerville, Lakota East-St.Xavier, Carroll-Troy. Any other interesting games, or teams you're eager to see?
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    It's soccer time again: Mason preseason

    "Warm" regards to all the players and parents who will be braving the heat at the Mason tournament tonight through Sunday. Top group has Moeller, Carroll, Bellbrook, Fairmont, Walsh, Oak Hills, Olentangy and two Mason teams. Let the fun begin.
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    Judge's reasoning, DPS comment on Dunbar case

    Read comments from accountability from DPS superintendent near top, explanation of issue at hand and testimony in middle, and judge's explanation near bottom.
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    Step-by-step look at Dunbar vs. OHSAA case
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    How should HS soccer be refereed?

    I ask because of Tuesday night's Springboro-Fairmont game, which Boro won 3-1, deservedly. The referee chose not to call fouls on several aggressive challenges in the first half that certainly looked like fouls to me (from both sides). This led to chippy, physical play the rest of the way from...
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    Schedules up for Mason preseason event Top division -- Mason, Carroll, Westerville Central, Moeller, Walsh, Bellbrook, Oak Hills, Fairmont Second division -- Walnut Hills, Lakota East, Hamilton, Kings, Dayton Christian, Grandview Hts, Mason B, Moeller B
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    Postseason tournament schedule?

    New volleyball parent here. Is there a schedule posted anywhere for the start of the tournament? I see the June 3-4 state schedule, but not the early round matches in each region. Or has the tournament draw not happened yet? Thanks.
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    Story about two-ref system in tournament

    There was a discussion on this board just a couple weeks ago about this topic ...
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    Troy Regional lookahead

    I haven't followed D-I boys as closely as usual. After St. X, is Mason a clear #2? How many other teams have at least a decent shot at the top four if they run well? Lebanon, Centerville, Lakota East, LaSalle, Turpin? ... Beavercreek, Elder, Kings?
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    Division I boys schedule tonight (Oct. 17)

    Not too many strong matchups. Milford-Moeller is probably the best in Cincy, and maybe Wayne-Xenia in Dayton. Walnut Hills (#14) vs. Winton Woods (#27) 7:00 p.m. Walnut Hills H.S. Sycamore (#8) vs. Northwest (#30) 7:00 p.m. Sycamore H.S. Oak Hills (#19) vs. Turpin (#7) 7:00 p.m. Turpin H.S...
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    Northmont schedules up

    Northmont's preseason boys soccer tournament is this Saturday and Sunday. Schedules are up here: They don't list specific divisions, but based on who plays each other, it seems like Carroll, Oak Hills, Watterson, Westerville Central...
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    Mason Preseason Classic

    Boys schedules are up ( and that's enough to get the blood flowing a little bit. Top division currently has Mason 1, Mason 2, Moeller, Walnut Hills, Carroll, Bellbrook, Fairmont and Walsh Jesuit.
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    Bad luck at districts

    In gambling, they call it a bad beat -- when you seemingly do everything right, but still lose. In track, it's when you're in a stacked district, run well, and finish 5th. Worst one I've noticed so far is from the Darby 1 district, where a kid from Logan ran 1:55.8 in the 800 but didn't make...
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    Pole vault stacked

    Is it just me or is the boys pole vault field more loaded than usual this year? I was looking at the southwest region, and I see either 5 or 6 kids over 15 feet. Has there ever been a year where somebody vaulted 15 feet at regionals and didn't make state?
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    Boys State Cup update

    Here's how many boys teams each club advanced to the semifinals (does not include U12 8v8 bracket, which only had a few teams). Good luck to all. Celtics/Galaxies — 6 (12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18) CUP Gold — 5 (11, 12, 13, 15, 18) Club Ohio — 4 (13, 14, 17, 18) Ohio Premier — 4 (11, 15, and a pair...