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  1. Bull GreenDog

    What was the game of the decade?

    Started this thread on the football forum and have gotten some great responses. What was the best game of the 2010s and why?
  2. Bull GreenDog

    What Was The Best Game of the Decade?

    What game from the 2010s was the best and why?
  3. Bull GreenDog

    Green Bulldogs 2019-20 Basketball Thread

    Under 2 weeks now until the season starts! After last year's glorious run to the Final Eight and first ever district championship, I am hyped to watch some Dawgs basketball this year. I think this team may be EVEN BETTER than last year's team, meaning this could be Green's best team ever! Why...
  4. Bull GreenDog

    Is it Okay for visiting fans to storm the field after a road win?

    This happened 3 times this year at my school's home stadium. Personally, I thought it showed very little class/ sportsmanship. In my opinion, it sends a clear message of disrespect to the host team. I have ZERO problems with HOME fans going on to the field, after all it is their field. There is...
  5. Bull GreenDog

    Battle of Uniontown 2019- Lake Blue Streaks @ Green Bulldogs

    It is that time once again! On Friday these two rivals will battle it out for Uniontown superiority. After a 4-0 start, the Streaks have battled injuries and went on a 4 game losing streak. But they turned it around week 9, beating GlenOak 17-3. My beloved Bulldogs have battled through a tough...
  6. Bull GreenDog

    2000 Hoover Vikings @ Green Bulldogs

    Old game from 2000. 2000 Hoover at Green Full Game
  7. Bull GreenDog

    2000 Springfield Spartans @ Green Bulldogs

    Springfield won 49-35. Springfield @ Green 2000
  8. Bull GreenDog

    Hoover Vikings @ Green Bulldogs

    Who do you think wins this one? Vikings coming off a huge last-minute win over Lake. Ashby is a great QB and Hoover has a good back and a big receiver too. Bulldogs actually did okay at Perry. Thought the team bounced back pretty well after the heartbreaking loss to Central. I was worried that...
  9. Bull GreenDog

    GlenOak Golden Eagles @ Green Bulldogs

    The Golden Eagles travel to Green Memorial stadium to take on the Bulldogs with both teams looking for win #2. 2 years ago this was a fantastic game and a great atmosphere, with the Bulldogs coming back from a 13-3 deficit to win 15-13 in a defensive struggle and get their first win against the...
  10. Bull GreenDog

    Fantastic 50 is back! Love this website. Drew Pasteur puts a lot of work into it and always does a great job.
  11. Bull GreenDog

    Green HS Bulldogs 2019

    Less than 3 weeks until the season begins! Very excited about the 2019 Bulldogs. 2018 was a bad year for Green, no way around it, but things are changing in Bulldog country and there are several reasons to be optimistic about this season. First, the schedule is much more manageable. In 2018...