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  1. JJBulldog

    Solon @ Canton McKinley D1R1

    For the second straight year, the Bulldogs face Solon in the first round with the winner likely meeting unbeaten Mentor. However, this time it's a home game for McKinley @ Tom Benson HOF Stadium, which comes in @ 8-2. Not too sure what to expect from the Comets this year. WHERE CHAMPIONS ARE...
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    Division Ii Regional Predictions

    Region 5- Hoban Region 6- Maple Hts. Region 7- Toledo CC Region 8- Winton Woods
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    2020 Presidential Polls: Trump one and done...
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    Rap, Video Games, and Student Attendance

    Sports. We all grew up watching sports, many of us participated, went to games with our families and friends. Every fall, one could see kids in school colors heading to the local stadium for the Friday Night Ritual. So what happened to that? This is a stab at trying to figure out what happened...
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    New McKinley Coach Apllications Canton McKinley is D1 and plays in the state of the art Tom Benson Hall Of Fame Stadium The Bulldogs are nationally recognized and have the most wins of any D1 school in Ohio, including Stark County's...
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    Ex-McKinley Qb goes for ANOTHER Super Bowl Ring!

    Former Canton McKinley quarterback Josh McDaniels goes for his Sixth Super Bowl Championship as the Offensive Coordinator for the New England Patriots. Congrats and good luck! Canton McKinley motto: WHERE CHAMPIONS ARE MADE AND SUCCESS IS TRADITION
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    Trump sexual assault triggers a fistfight with girl's father Peter Griffin
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    Salt- water fish extinction by 2048

    The ocean's fish are on their way to extinction. What has the President had to say about this, and what are his party's plans to deal with it?
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    America's top 10 h.s. Football teams of all-time

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    1997 National Champion Canton McKinley vs St. Ignatius
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    Basketball is finally upon us as a much anticipated new season begins with a new coach and some fine young players. In fact, most of the team are underclassmen. Size, quickness, and athleticism will be strengths this year, and it looks like McKinley will be fun to watch. The first game of the...
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    Game starting times....

    Game starting times should be 8:00 for Friday night playoff games to allow for the extra travelling time fans need when getting off of work @ 5. Also, I would like to see regular season moved to 7:30 to boost attendance for similar reasons, imho. What do you think?
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    Challenge Game (10/20): Canton McKinley (8-0) at Massillon Perry (7-1)

    Canton McKinley@ Perry Panthers The big fed showdown between the state D1 ranked undefeated Bulldogs and twice state D2 runners up. Pups go for outright league title, and Perry goes for a share.