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    Milan Indians and HIckory Huskers

    Next time you watch the film watch for... Mascot... Hickory Huskers. There's a corn cob dribbling a basketball on the wall For Ohio basketball junkies...The terms Sectional/District/Regional are not the same as in Ohio. Enjoy! Hoosiers... :>--- SALT
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    Christmas 1914

    Christmas 1914 The Great War (AKA WW-I) The war to end all wars ~ it ended for a short time along the the front lines... The rest of the story... The Royal Guardsmen ... 1966 #2 Top-40 Hit (inspired by the events of 1914) :>--- Peace to...
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    Is warriorblue throwing a party today?

    Is warriorblue throwing a party today? (He should) July 2rd, 1839 Slaves from the Mende tribes in Sierra Leone in route to Cuba on the Spanish sloop 'La Amistad' (Amistad) revolt, take over the ship and order the remainder of the crew to return them to Africa. The crew instead sail the ship...
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    Today is Flag Day

    Today is Flag Day (June 14) Display it with pride. (any "U.S. Flag" is deemed appropriate) The flag should be raised briskly. And...when lowered; lowered slowly. When flying the flag at half staff...
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    D-Day ~ 75th Anniversary

    June 6, 1944 The Allies embark on taking back Western Europe. Films that depict the events of the invasion against Hitler's Atlantic Wall Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2004 made for TV) The Longest Day (1962 film) D-Day the Sixth of June (1956 film) The Americanization of Emily (1964 film) ...
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    Memorial day

    Enjoy the weekend... Least we forget... Identification of the Unknown (Vietnam) Wiki... FYI ~ Fort Laurens (Bolivar, Ohio) Fort Laurens was the only fort built in the Ohio Country during the...
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    # 4 of 20 The 60s

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    Massillon Basketball & Paul Brown

    This question was asked on the Football Board... Paul Brown & Massillon Basketball Paul Brown's first year as varsity basketball coach at Massillon Washington was 1934 How bare was the cupboard? Well in 1933 coach Hal Smith got the Tigers to the State Semi-finals before they lost to...
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    For 3/17 ~ Happy St. Patty's Day

    A touch O'Blarney... a heap O'Magic...and a load O'Laughter from Disney (1959) ~ ~ ~ see Sean 3 years before 'Bond' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A shillelagh...
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    Happy Valentines Day

    Happy Valentines Day..... Mel Carter (from Cincinnati - Ohio) a huge hit in 1965 (first recorded in 1952 by Karen Chandler) Karen's 1952...version Bobby and Sandra...(married in real life)...
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    Ice Safety - Warning

    It seems that every year we hear of someone who dies either from falling thru thin ice of attempting to rescue someone (or a pet) that has gone thru the ice. The weather has not been cold enough for long enough to freeze the water to an ice sheet thick enough to support weight. Here's your...
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    Who We Lost in 2018... AKA - Bennett is still kicking

    TCM (Turner Classic Movies) who we lost in 2018... TCM Remembers 2018 in order of appearance... Liz Fraser (British Blonde Bombshell) - known for 'Carry-on' series... --- check her out in 'Confessions of a Driving Instructor' Jerry Maren ~ the...
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    Attendance.... D-II Thu : Massillon Washington / Aron Hoban =16,213 D-VI Fri : Maria Stein Marion Local / Kirtland = 4,380 D-III Fri : Chagrin Falls Kenston / Kettering Archbishop Alter = 6,922 D-I Fri : Cincinnati Colerain / Lakewood St. Edward = 8,927 D-VII Sat : Glouster Trimble / McComb =...
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    Write your Head-Line ~ Massillon/Hoban

    Write your Head-Line ~ Massillon/Hoban Compose a Headline for a Massillon win and a Headline for a Hoban win. Bonus points for a Mini-paragraph (like that which would appear in the mini summary for OHIO in the USAToday paper). :>--- Devil Dog
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    To the day...55 years ago...

    Sunday / November 25, 1963 :>--- Teufel Hunde
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    University of Akron (The Zips) to End 80 Degrees :>--- SALT SF
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    Happy 4th of July

    Happy 4th of July Hurray for the USA and the Red-White-&-Blue :>--- Salute
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    Today is D-Day

    Today is D-Day / Operation Overlord took place 6-June-1944 For some of us it was our fathers, and for some of us it was our grand-fathers, I would not be surprised that some of us had great-grand-fathers take the beachs or made the jumps against Hitler's Atlantic Wall. Recommended...
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    Mom & Dad Evict 30-YR Old Son ... Michael Rotondo has been living at his parents' house without paying rent for eight years. •His...
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    Ford Motor Changing vehicle lineup

    Ford Motor Changing vehicle lineup 2020: Mustang, Focus only Ford cars on the market in North America by 2020 ... The decision, which Hackett said was due...