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  1. BucksFan937

    Cross County Conference 2020-2021

    It's going to be a long couple of weeks/month working from home, so I figured to start this thread for some general conversation. What are everyone's thoughts for the final year of the CCC in regards to basketball? It's crazy that it will be the last year for the league. My early prediction...
  2. BucksFan937

    Cross County Conference

    With only 2 years left for the conference, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. With the way the conference break-up went down, I don't blame some of the stronger football schools in the conference for having a chip on their shoulder. Will they take that out on some of the teams in...
  3. BucksFan937

    Cross County Conference 2019-2020

    Anyone have any thoughts about the upcoming season, and teams to look out for? My thoughts are that National Trail will be the team to beat as they will return 2 of the best players in the conference. Also, any info. on any of the open coaching vacancies? I see that Miami East, Covington...