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    2024 Hot takes/Bold Predictions

    I predict more 1-9, 2-8, and 3-7 teams make the playoffs, in fact, IT'S A LOCK!
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    Wouldn't touch the Lakers job with an 20-inch pole

    Now, I loved the Lakers all my life but right now I think that may be one of the worst jobs in the NBA. There's no stability, even if win you win (see Frank Vogel/Darvin Ham) the roster may or may not have holes, one bad 3-game losing streak you may be looking for another job and finally, you...
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread

    It's time for them to go too!
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread

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    Coaching Changes

    Baker went 18-2 his first year. From the outside looking in he was even though we may know otherwise.
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread

    I know we have key injuries but let's be honest, would the managing be the same? It's time to Bell go.
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    Greatest Player Since 1970?

    My Top 5: 1. Bonds 2. Rose 3. Griffey 4. Schimdt 5. Bench/Morgan Eric Davis would definitely be on the list if it wasn't for injuries. Top 5 pitchers: Closers: 1. Nolan Ryan 1. Rivera 2. Roger Clemens 2. Hoffman 3. Randy Johnson 3. Eckersley...
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    Coaching Changes

    Trotwood historically has had great coaches, Carter, Staley, Thorton, Baker but Rockhold is clearly the best ever!
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    “Athletic Period” During School Day

    Most/Some prep schools have have an "athletic period". I've worked at a big time prep school and we had a 90-minute, Block-schedule so an "athletic period" was built into the schedule every Tuesday and Thursday. The school day went on as normal for years and it was not "gym class" or free...
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    Best/Worst gyms in GWOC/CBC/OHC/MVL

    As a player and coach Beavercreek's visitors locker room was always cold and I heard it still is till this day. As a fan watching at Bcreek you couldn't get a good seat or you sat at top behind the poles but by far, Fairborn's the worse facility. Old Colonel White had bleachers with poles but...
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread

    The point is they didn’t have two stretches of 1-9 and stay in first place wire-to-wire. Of course it’s possible but you didn’t say that you don’t have to use unnecessary hyperbole to prove a point.
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    Would you draft Bronny James in hopes to get LeBron to come to your team?

    If Bronny's drafted that would be the biggest mistake in NBA history! He's not a bad player but definitely not a pro yet. He is the right fit at a Mid-Major University.
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    NBA thread

    Utterly ridicolous that Darvin Ham was fired! Clearly, LeBron had a lot to do with that. That's TEN coaches that have coached LeBron and have been let go. Now I like LeBron and love the Lakers even more but I've lost some respect for LeBron with this one.
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    The Official 2024 Reds season thread

    That's hard to believe that a team that went wire-to-wire had two 1-9 stretches but hey I guess it's possible!
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    Troy Memorial Getting Turf

    Awesome football stadium! They will steal some games from Piqua now! Now if Northridge would get there act together! A prime place to have small school playoff games!
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    2024 Middletown Middies

    🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔......... we all were saints in high school! Perhaps, Chris Carter shouldn't of decided to have a better life and leave Middletown or have a NFL, Hall Of Fame career....🤷‍♂️
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    SWO Transfer News

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    What's behind Centerville's fourth straight state tournament

    Cupps best job was when he went to state with Graham in 08' with no D1 talent in the midst of the Dunbar and Thurgood teams (filled with D1 talent even pros), runs to state which is why he went to Centerville so he could attract D1 talent, build his program, win state championships and make deep...
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    What's behind Centerville's fourth straight state tournament

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