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    Actually young for grade. According to USAW bio, turned 16 in June.
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    ....and by the way @Old142 @Insidetrip73
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    Agreed. Maybe change the title of the thread to "Fargo / Holdbacks and Transfers"
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    (UPDATED) Possible High Schools for Incoming Freshmen

    Enough Dummy! What’s the point of keeping this conversation going?
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    Ohio JR FS/GR dual teams

    Thanks Nostradamus
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    Defiance College HC

    Best of luck to you Coach! There are so many of talented kids in this state looking for an opportunity to get an education and continue competing.
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    2024-25 team

    42 you say? OK....
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    Way too early 2025 team predictions

    Getting fired up about "WAY TOO EARLY" predictions is insanity fellas. It will all play out exactly as it should.
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    2024-25 team

    Hope you have fun at the Prom young man. Be safe, make good choices.
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    2024-25 team

    Don't feed the trolls.
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    Next up: U17 world team trials

    Testament to how good Jayden is. Casually bumps up 11lbs and reached the finals of the US Open... . Love watching these guys compete and love that they went at each other in the final matches!
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    State tourneys prior to high school

    Appreciate it, and just to clarify, my larger point was to encourage the love in the younger years by focusing on the process not necessarily the results. Develop work ethic, set goals, teach them how to compete, teach them how to win and how to bounce back after losing, chase competition...
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    State tourneys prior to high school

    My 2 cents. Understand that it’s a long road and the goal should be to still have them love wrestling by the end of that road- whenever that may be. If you have any doubt, err on the side of competing less. Trust me, these youth / jr high State and National level tournaments feel big, but in...
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    Ohio State at NCAAs

    You must be new around here :)
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    Ohio State at NCAAs

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    Questioning calls and Coaching Misconduct

    If this was Secrist/ Bickerton, I'm with you. Scolded Brecksville for pointing out opponent was lined up wrong " Don't you ever address me again", then hit him w/ stalling 2 seconds after he secures a TD.
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    D 1 106 Final

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    State Champions Celebrations

    Seems OK , but if said wrestler then yells " 655 Deadlift Baby! then it might just be "over the top & excessive.
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    State Champions Celebrations

    That just might be "excessive" AND "over the top", but what do I know?