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    Norwayne 55 Medina 52 Final and I think Parker Metsker did not play
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    Norwayne 53 Waynedale 31 Halftime - thought Waynedale was going to try to slow Norwayne down.
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    Norwayne 71 Hillsdale 26 final - running clock since mid 3rd quarter
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    Norwayne 41 Hillsdale 15 halftime
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    Dalton @ Norwayne: Massive WCAL Matchup

    The difference in this game is the quarterback play.
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    Poland vs South Range

    Is this game going to be streamed anywhere?
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    Friday Night Updates (9/1/23)

    Norwayne 28 Heath 0 Halftime
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    Friday Night Updates (8/18/23)

    Norwayne 35 Brookfield 7 Halftime
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    WCAL 2022-23

    The current sophomore class at Norwayne, I believe, has not lost a game from 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, and now to date as JV’s. And this is with two of those sophomores playing varsity this year, not JV. This sophomore class has quite a record to date. The Norwayne JV’s even beat a...
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    WCAL 2022-23

    Norwayne was down to Chippawa 42-23 midway through the 3rd quarter. Ended up winning 61-50 in overtime.
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    Richmond Edison 10-

    Edison will end up being the #4 seed because of games played today, so they will play Mooney.
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    WCAL Football 2022

    Norwayne will play Harrison Central, not Cardinal Mooney. Games played today will make Norwayne the #5 seed.
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    Division V Harbins Points top 10

    I think you left out the current #1 team in region 17
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    Friday Finals (9/2/22)

    Norwayne 23 Clyde 13
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    Friday Updates (9/2/22)

    Norwayne 23 Clyde 13 2 min to go
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    Friday Updates (9/2/22)

    Norwayne 20 Clyde 0 late 3rd quarter
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    Friday Updates (9/2/22)

    Norwayne 14 Clyde 0 halftime
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    Friday Night Updates (8/19/22)

    Norwayne 41 Ashland 14 Halftime
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    Friday Night Updates (8/19/22)

    Norwayne 27 Ashland 0 still in first quarter
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    Federal League 2021-22

    will there be a live video stream of this game?