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    Boro Class Rankings

    Probably because he won a state title using an illegal move.
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    State wrestling tickets

    Could pay good money for the good seats.
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    Dublin COFFMAN is going to Brecksville

    All Hail King Coffman
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    Super 32

    Olly Lester (Olentangy Liberty) lost first match. Came Back and took 7th in MS division.
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    You are OHSAA Tsar what changes do you make?

    St. Edward is actually a public school in Edward Ohio. They’re really good at football, I think they’re open enrollment tho.
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    Indiana Hoosier Preseason Open

    Olentangy Orange 215lb Junior Gavin Gaylor places 2nd, losing to Indiana State placer (5th) 7-6 in the final. Beating Iowa and Kentucky state qualifiers en route.
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    Fargo results

    Was he specifically talking about u16 ? I I feel like Taylor has to be at least at top 5 guy in the country under 16 imo
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    Dublin Coffman Recruiting class 2024

    Kinda… the school is public, but you have to be catholic and pay to live in the city of St Paris, it’s like a private city, that’s how they got by all the recruiting bylaws over the years, does that make sense ?
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    Dublin Coffman Recruiting class 2024

    If I wrestled in central Ohio I’d wanna be at Desales, Liberty or Coffman too! If my parents had the money to get me there id be asking 😳
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    Freestyle & Greco Clinic followed by FREE Scrimmage - Sunday, May 7th

    Great place to get some wrestling in! 3 full mats and tons of wrestlers at the scraps! Get signed up!
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    Does Buckeye or DeSales have enough firepower to overtake Graham next year?

    So watterson in the next few years ?
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    Takedown Clinic followed by FREE Scrimmage - Saturday, April 8th

    There were 50lb 6 year olds all the way up to HS heavy weights, everyone had Atleast one partner to wrestle with! Plus a few decent coach’s that can scrap too!
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    Takedown Clinic followed by FREE Scrimmage - Saturday, April 8th

    Would be great to see more central Ohio HS guys show up for the scraps! It’s a great “open mat” for all skills and ages
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    Looking for session 6 tickets

    I can never get enough wrestling either man
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    Brown v McKinney near fall controversy

    It was a Jonsey tilt. Should have been two as soon as brown was in criteria and then 3 near falll. . If the official has never seen a jonsey or a standing jonsey he should not be officiating a state tournament imo, and the called it a stalemate. This official should be embarrassed… the state...
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    Josie Davis DQ’d

    That’s my issue. They wave off the takedown and the near fall… but the takedown should only be waved off if the maneuver used to score the take down was illegal… but you can see the assistant official point out that she is around the throat in the first instance. In the second he once again...
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    will ashland set a scoring record

    Misconduct/unsportsmanlike (coach) /wrestler after match is over.
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    State tournament upsets/surprises . . .

    Criblez dang near impossible to score on though.
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    I see he did “default” in the blood round.
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    I agree unless you turn around and wrestle your next match an hour later. Its not a good look imo, but I guess I lack common sense, so my opinion is probably irrelevant