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    Milesplit Entries and just general questions

    Random seeding in any race at this point in the season will s not optimal. A top seed drawing a “C” alley seems like quite a disservice
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    Milesplit Entries and just general questions

    Are the lanes just randomly assigned? Not sure how that’s a thing that would happen at this juncture in the season. A better regional time/placement should equate to a better starting position.
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    C'mon Milesplit!

    I figure it’s just some sort of a glitch. I reached out about it over a month ago because there were a number of inaccuracies in the rankings. The others (that I was aware of at least) were fixed, but this one was not.
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    C'mon Milesplit!

    Not a very big deal, but the 1600 on the girls’ ranking page has been wrong for over a month now
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    Angela Bizzarri Mile

    By any chance did you see footage from the girls’ race? I can’t seem to find it
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    Waynesville vs Summit Round 2

    Appreciate your commentary on the game EC and whole heartedly agree. Waynesville has done great things with a different talent pool than many schools. Very proud of them. Summit is an excellent team full of high quality players. Some of the fouls were unfortunate and unnecessary, but that’s...
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    OHSAA XC State Meet Results Thread

    We had to pay, at least to park, at most cross country meets and we had to pay to get in at every single soccer game. I expect to pay. Just not necessarily what the fees have jumped to this year. I don’t think most have an issue with paying, but they do have an issue with being gouged.
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    OHSAA XC State Meet Results Thread

    Between State XC and regional soccer finals OHSAA has my family for $186 this weekend…yikes
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    Winningest teams

    This is girls’ soccer
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    OHSAA Tournament. Southwest..

    Well that’s obnoxious
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    State track meet back to Welcome Stadium this spring?

    Glad it’s just a 1 yr. thing, but unfortunately the seniors missed competing at JO their freshman year and they will miss that opportunity their senior year too. JO is just special and different than any other venue
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    State track meet back to Welcome Stadium this spring?

    It’s been many years since I’ve been to welcome stadium. Have they cleaned it up at all? It was kind of a dump last time I was there.
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    CHL up for grabs this year!

    Glad I’m not the only one totally irked by Reading and their ridiculous schedule.
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    State Coach's Poll for w/o 10/2/23

    CCD is a fantastic program with a great coach at the helm. Socioeconomic factors certainly play in there though. Same can be said for Ottawa Glandorf
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    Week 7...

    I didn’t say anything about the bottom of the bench not playing. I can’t speak for all programs (because clearly, there are some who keep their top scorer in and let them put up obnoxious stats), but when my kids’ team plays a weak opponent, the majority of the play time does go to the bottom of...
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    Week 8

    Lots of truly tough opponents in D2 this year. I’d venture to say, at least locally, more than D1
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    Week 7...

    It is very difficult not to score a fair amount on a truly weak opponent. I’ll say it should be an opportunity for some kids to score who maybe don’t typically score, rather than to have your kids who are already scorers out there running up stats. I’ve seen some games with 6, 7, and 8 goals...
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    Week 7...

    PK is a fantastic player, but she was also surrounded by many other strong players. That being said, one player absolutely can make a huge difference, but they have to have at least decent support to be able to do what they do optimally. KD having SJ matters too. If there’s truly only one...
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    No creek crossings permitted without bridges

    Clearly, it is one that they can pick and choose on because that is what they were doing prior to this year.