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    Fenwick vs Blanchester

    Who will win this tough first round matchup? It will be an interesting contest.
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    Why was Schmidt ejected from CNE game?

    saw where the leaded scorer for Clement northeastern was hit with 2 technicals and ejected from a game where cne lead by 40. What happened? Anyone have video of the incident?
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    Moeller gives players $2000 tuition credit to work summer camp

    I heard of a moeller basketball player being given a $2000 tuition credit for each week he worked at the moeller summer basketball camp. If this is true, is this legal? Seems like a pretty high reimbursement to me.
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    transfering students from one school to another

    What are the rules for kids transferring between schools for different sports? Had a kid locally who went to school A in 2017-18, transferred to school b for the fall sports season of 2018-19 and played football and then transferred back to school A after football season was over to play...