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    Coaching Changes

    They also would be far too lazy to put the necessary work in
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    Veteran Findlay Boys Basketball Coach To Retire

    I hope this was on his own accord. One of the hardest working, best prepared, knowledgeable, caring coaches and class acts out there. An amazing career
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    Who wins D4?

    Except Arizona-Dayton 😉😂🏀
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    Public vs Private W-L records, Sweet 16 & Final 4

    Every few years I crawl out from my room in my parents’ basement to calculate these records, under the long-proven theory that the private school advantage becomes magnified once we get to the regional level and beyond. Major themes this season: 1) As acknowledged in the past, what makes this...
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    Berea-Midpark vs. Strongsville incident/ramifications

    AD (and I’m guessing another administrator).
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    Berea-Midpark vs. Strongsville incident/ramifications

    Double foul was original call, which looked correct. Then the Berea kid appears to mutter something about the call, and shouldered the Strongsville player as he walked up court, which seems to have triggered the ejection and technicals. ‘Berea coach was on opposite end of the floor, and...
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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

    An analogy to support this. I’ve always found it interesting that Tom Lombardo was a good enough coach to win state titles at Lake Catholic and Eds, yet didn’t come close at Highland
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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

    Watch Ridgeville compete for SWC dominance athletically for the next 10-20 years. It has kind of started last school year. Tons of land, lot of building over the last ten years (meaning all those families who bough then with young kids now have them starting high school), and the affluence is...
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    St. Ignatius, St. Edward, and Avon/Avon Lake

    My man, Eds and Ignatius are bringing guys from all over Northeast Ohio
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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

    Moved in from Clyde, end of 8th grade. Legit home purchase
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    Region 6: #1 Avon vs #3 Medina Highland

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    Official 2023 D2/R6 Thread

    QB wasn’t being touched on that play; that kickoff went a perfect ten yards. Another case where probably a deserving officiating crew was blocked from being on a high level game in favor of a less-skilled crew that fit more with the OHSAA ‘good Ol’ boy’ network
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    Official 2023 D2/R6 Thread

    Wow—the onside kick penalty, and the phantom ‘knee is down’ whistle negating Rosol’s long run. Avon dodged a serious bullet
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    Official 2023 D2/R6 Thread

    Add youth program development, too
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    Official 2023 D2/R6 Thread

    Agreed. Kirtland, MSML, Coldwater, Privates dominating the public’s once it gets to the Sweet Sixteen level, etc… Only suspense in these playoffs is the 16-team seeding at the end of The regular season. Pretty much the same script every year.
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    Solon/Euclid week 8 will not be played.

    Iron Mike really summarizes it well in his last two posts. We played basketball up here a few decades ago, Doc Daugherty’s early years. Each player housed with one of Euclid’s players overnight, and we returned to our hometown the next day. A fun trip. Nice, quaint, peaceful suburb then; war...
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    2023 St. Ignatius Football

    I second this outsider perspective. The ‘flexible’ part is a critical element of this explanation
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    Elyria Catholic placed on probation for football recruiting violation

    All that happens with shady player movement in football and basketball, and they nail Elyria Catholic, huh? Reminds me of the great quote, regarding college basketball: “The NCAA got so mad at Kentucky that it put Cleveland State on probation.”
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    Brooklyn High School HC resigns

    Gotta love Yappi…
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    Brooklyn - What Are You Even Thinking?