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    DIV State Semifinal: Canton South vs. Cleveland Glenville

    Its like watching a HS team trying to play with a college team. Ridiculous and I say that with NO disrespect to CS.
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    Region 13: #1 Canton South vs #6 Struthers

    Am I missing something? The stream is no where to be found on Spectrum. I see every other game
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    Week 13 Struthers vs Lake Catholic

    Good Luck to the Cats. Had anyone come up with a way to watch or listen to the game?
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    Week 12- Struthers @ Poland

    This will be Game of The Week. It will be announced later today.
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    NE8 2023

    Poland/Struthers WILL be WKBN Game of the Week once again.
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    NE8 2023

    Don’t be surprised……🤫
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    Rivalry week: Struthers @ Poland

    Do any of the Struthers fans know why the Cats came to Poland with a Police escort yesterday?
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    Rivalry week: Struthers @ Poland

    That is a tough week 11 draw!
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    Rivalry week: Struthers @ Poland

    I wouldn’t have said it if I did know that it will be.
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    Rivalry week: Struthers @ Poland

    This will be GOTW
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    South Range @ Poland

    Poland’s starting D has given up a legit 7 points in 5 games.(Canfield) This will be a huge test for them.
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    Poland- Canfield rivalry game (WEEK 4)

    The size difference of the districts will continue to make this less and less competitive for Poland. Reality is what it is.
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    Poland Seminary vs Oberlin Firelands

    Oberlin Firelands travels almost two hours to Poland this week as part of a two year home/home series with them. I know absolutely NOTHING about this team, just wondering if anyone on here has any insight.
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    NE8 2023

    Poland wins 41-0. They are better than most people think although admittedly their 1st two opponents were not good.
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    NE8 season thread

    Well since the game is about the 16-18 year old kids, not coaches or adults, you all can save your disingenuous sympathy and reserve the party room at the Tangier now for the next two Fridays.
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    NE8 season thread

    Struthers will win big. Poland basically is down to a JV team + 4-5 guys. Not embellishing at all when I say that. I have never in my life seen so many season ending injuries on a HS team.
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    NE8 season thread

    Poland had a player taken off the field via ambulance with a bad leg injury. There was about a 30 minute stoppage in play in the 2nd quarter. Both teams struggled to get into any kind of rhythm especially after this.
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    Week 7: Girard (5-1) at Poland (3-3)

    Any idea if Poland will be getting any players back off the IR this week? I noticed three different players playing QB against Niles last week.
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    NE8 season thread

    My son is only in Jr High so I don’t know all the names but here is what I do know. Barringer hasnt played in 3-4 weeks. Fulton did not play 2nd half vs Hubbard and didnt play last night. Starting QB has been out for past two weeks. Several starting LB’s out, and they lost two starting OL for...