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    Week 12: Cleveland St Ignatius (3 - 8) at Canton McKinley (8 - 3)

    At money time Your best player has to get the ball Iggy had 2nd and 2 3rd and 1 4th and 1 any of those plays a simple direct snap to Haddad would most likely gotten a first down (certainly 3 in a row) - it's not that hard no touches unexplainable
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    Friday Updates (Week 15)

    there is a thing called Karma - the team they defeated in the previous round was assessed a modern day OHSAA record of 200yds in penalties - what comes around goes around
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    St Ignatius Football 2021

    Frankie Pike starting DB out-(hamstring) #45 starting linebacker back/dressed(ankle)
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    St Ignatius Football 2021

    Hopefully Pfaff can come back soon- Even with all his struggles he is our only chance to right the ship
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    St Ignatius Football 2021

    Getting blown off the ball- backers non-existent
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    St Ignatius Football 2021

    Taliak score - Chalhoub score -Lenehan score 21 - 17