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    IUDOGS: 2023 - 2024 Ohio High School Head Football Coaching Changes

    Tony Bray is the new head coach at Cincinnati Woodward.
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    IUDOGS: 2023 - 2024 Ohio High School Head Football Coaching Changes

    You can move Chris Mobley down one line. He decided to take the job at Purcell Marian instead of Gamble Montessori:
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    IUDOGS: 2023 - 2024 Ohio High School Head Football Coaching Changes

    A couple of hires to add: Chris Mobley to Gamble Montessori Anthony Berry to Withrow...
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    High schools that you remember from years ago that no longer exist

    Yes, CAPE was co-ed. Their girls basketball team had a good run in the late 80's into the very early 90's under Anita Burke, making a regional semifinal in 1988. They won 18 or 19 games in 1991, then fell off a cliff and won seven the next three years combined. Some of the players during...
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    23-24 SW Ohio

    Most of these games are after the draw has already taken place on Feb 4. Some are two days before the start of the tournament on Feb 12. This is not a new issue, or really related to the formula.
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    Halfway through the season what do you think of the new free throw rule?

    If they are calling 40 fouls in a game (5 fouls per quarter x 4 quarters x 2 teams), then those games are going to drag regardless of the number of free throws awarded.
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    Two Varsity Games in One Day

    Kentucky still does this many years. They play the state semifinals in the morning/early afternoon and then the finals that same night.
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    CHL 23-24

    Anyone know the schedule for the event at Indian Hill tomorrow? Woodward's schedule shows they are playing Louisville DeSales... Louisville DeSales's schedule shows they are playing Withrow... Withrow's schedule shows they are playing Meadowdale... Indian Hill's schedule shows they are also...
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    Updates thru 1/21/24 SW Ohio ‘22 & ‘23 HS Grads College Statistics

    One more for your list:
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    Shortest trip for a first round game

    Not the shortest, but a couple others under 10 miles: D4- Reading at Indian Hill (8.3 miles is the fastest route, although Google also gives you a 7.0-mile route that is 3 minutes slower) D5- Madeira at Purcell Marian (9.9 miles)
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    Holiday Tournaments for the Upcoming Season

    They have a schedule for this now: 2023 SCHEDULE Friday, December 1 5:30 PM - Withrow vs Crispus Attucks 7:00 PM - Newport vs Richmond Heights 8:30 PM - Mason vs Taft Saturday, December 2 1:00 PM - Miami East vs Chaminade Julienne...
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    Saturday Updates (10/14/23)

    CCPA 30, Gamble 20 - final.
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    Saturday Updates (10/14/23)

    CCPA 30, Gamble 14, 6:26 left in 4aq
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    Saturday Updates (10/14/23)

    CCPA 22, Gamble 14 after 3Q
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    Saturday Updates (10/14/23)

    CCPA 16, Gamble 14 at half. Being streamed on YouTube by OnImpact Recruiting.
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    Scoreboard Oddities

    Cincinnati Western Hills (Arch McCarthy Stadium) added a second scoreboard within the past few years. There are just stands on one side of the field with one "normal" scoreboard across from that. If you are the team on that far sideline, however, it is a bad angle to be able to see the...
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    Friday Updates (10/6/23)

    There are more than two in the country. Ludlow (KY) and Edgewood (IN) in Ellettsville, IN are two other somewhat close fields with red turf that I know of. New Braunfels (TX) appears to be another.
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    Lakota West v Princeton

    Neither of the plays you describe happened on Princeton scoring drives. The muffed punt happened in the second quarter. The score was still 3-0 at halftime. The "backward pass" is at the 3:23:50 mark here: The QB is at the...
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    If you look for On Impact Recruiting Services on YouTube, he streams a lot of different games involving Cincinnati Public Schools teams (as well as a bunch of other stuff). The Withrow-Walnut Hills game is streaming now at
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    Princeton Vikings

    The final was Princeton 21, Withrow 12. They only played three quarters. Withrow scored on a long pass in the second quarter and a long run to start the third quarter. Princeton scored on three short runs on some sustained drives.