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    Who will new new Ignatius Coach?

    Thoughts anyone
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    Gilmour basketball

    Man its hard to watch new regime at GA. The new coach seems to me ok. But doesnt have control of the team or coaching staff. Assistant Kurt Culler is constantly yelling and screaming like a crazy person (sometimes over Decranes shoulder). I have no idea how the kids know what to do with all the...
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    Gilmour Boys Basketball job open

    Happened today. Retiring from coaching
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    Dunk For Diabetes

    Any commentary on the games today from people there?
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    How frustrating is it that CVCA passes over great coaching candidates for in house and more religious faculty......Baseball is huge example
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    Coaching Changes

    Any rumors of coaches in or out yet?:shrug:
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    Solon BB Coach Resigns

    Boys BB Coach resigned. Any rumors on replacements?