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    XFL-Kickoff change..

    I watched some of the games over the weekend. I am a fan of the change the league implemented on kick-offs. I think it provides a level of progressive safety measures all while still having the excitement of the kick-off. I say implement it now. Across the board. My OP...
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    Trotwood BOE approves Open Enrollment

    The Trotwood-Madison City Schools Board of Education approved Open enrollment last night starting the 2019-2020 school year. Students will be eligible to apply in the spring for next year. This move is complete, as was stated in a prior post. Next up the GWOC will release information to the...
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    To no surprise to anyone. Trotwood was voted out of the new GWOC 8-1 starting the 19-20 school year. With Lebanon leaving looking for greener pastures it left the GWOC with a uneven number of teams and no place for the Rams. With all the back room deals done Trotwood will be looking for a...
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    Middletown transfers..

    There some rumors going around that the Middies may get three high level transfers in from the Dayton area. Any truth to this? Some one from Middie land chime in???:Ohno:
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    Div 3 Region 12

    Does Trotwood continue regional dominance or does some one knock them off the mountain? Some new faces in the regional top rankings with some old foes working their way up. Franklin and St. Mary's with folks like Tipp, Wapok and Mt. Healthy trying to make claim. How does the region play out...
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    KROC Center

    Anybody got the schedule for the Salvation Army Summer League down at the KROC.
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    European Professional Expo Camp!!!

    Sponsored by former UD Flyer great and European Pro Chris Wright ‼️Attention‼️ Quote from Chris: This Monday(6/20/16) at 6:30pm the Flyght Academy Euro Expo Basketball Camp will take place at Meadowdale High School. Please take this opportunity serious and be ready to show your talents and...
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    Next Year!!

    What a great weekend to finish out the HS BBall season. Great game that Lima Senior and Westerville ending up being!! Central Ohio is back after a few years out of the mix. Great game!! John Glen was a good as expected but I hate the fact that folks are trying to tarnish that teams...
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    SW District Div II

    Wow! some great games down out the arena yesterday. I may be biased but I have thought that the DII SW region has always produce the more exciting contest with a little more talent than the big boys in D1 . With Dunbar, Taft, Alter, Thurgood Marshall and now throw Trotwood-Madison who dropped...
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    Today's DDN Sports

    Not trying to stir any pot but maybe breed some good dialogue...:stirthepot: Two articles on the front page of the sports section in the DDN focus on Wayne and some of their more prominent players. Braxton, Deweaver, and Will Allen. The article talks about these transfers, their "home towns"...
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    Kroc Center

    I heard the summer league down at the Kroc got going this week. Can anybody post a schedule? Thanks.
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    Does Deweaver have to sits 5 games?

    I was at a local watering hole in Huber and the word is the Trotwood transfer Deweaver is going to have to sit 5 games. Hopefully this is a bad rumor. It would be unfortunate for this kid during his senior year. If your going to make the move you got to know the rule in and out.. I am sure...
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    40 Free Thows?????

    Just read in the paper Luke had 40 attempts from the charity stripe? That's amazing. Was it home cooking or was it some type of coaching strategy gone wrong? Was not there to see it..
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    A question for Centerville fans....

    After watching the Twood/Centerville game last Friday night I kinda feel that the new offensive scheme maybe just what they need to possibly get over the GCL Hurdle. The offense was balanced and the Vance kid was impressive with his accuracy and poise as a dual-threat QB. I even think the...
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    Trotwood and Thurgood Marshall

    Two teams with great success starting new eras with new Head Coaches. What's the word on the offseason? How are these two teams going to look next year? What about their schedules, how tough are they? Will Thurgood change up the offense with the new guy? What about Graham and his role now as...
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    Best teams in the Dayton area since 2000

    Here’s my list… How about yours? Remember it’s my list, don’t take it personal. All in fun! 1. Dayton Dunbar Wolverines- Resume and Players speak for itself. Best Coach, Best players, period! 2. Alter Knights- Always competitive and some deep tournament runs! What’s next with the loss of...
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    Dazhontee Bennett Stat line From Friday

    38 pts on 16-22 from the field 5-8 from three, 12 rebounds and 15 blocked shots....15 blocks! From a guy that is no bigger than 6'3. Congrats on a great season young man and hopefully a good run in the tourney. Best player in the GWOC and in my opinion the area...:hello:
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    Dayton Daily News article......

    No.....This post is not an opinion on the article on Kenard. Which happend to be pretty good. Anyway my question/concern is about the summary of the great scoring games by individuals at the end of the article. Why doe the DDN not have accurate statistics from those great individuals games...
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    A visiting college coach thoughts on Luke Kennard

    Had an opportunity to have breakfast down at the Marriot and have a conversation with a gentlemen whom claims to be a college coach from a team that was here to play our local university this past weekend. He may have been a fan claiming to be a coach but he looked and sounded the part. Anyway...
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    Moe Doug?

    The last thread on Moe's whereabouts next year was closed after 2 post??? The Ullery and Cville post has 7 pages and still going but Moe after only 2 responses. What is that about? Anyway I asked anyone in Ram Nation what have you heard about Moe leaving? Is it true? Is he headed South? I...