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    Mogadore schedule 2020

    Anyone have Mogadore's football schedule for upcoming season? With Valley Christian and Mantua Crestwood leaving this year, that leaves at least 2 open dates. Heard Mogadore Field is week 1 and rumor picked up Hudson Western Reserve Academy ( don't understand this one as not a OHSAA school). But...
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    Suburban League expansion

    The Suburban league is looking to expand. ADs to meet Feb.1st. Louisville??? Orhers?? Or maybe a small school division?? Mogadore Manchester, Rootstown others??
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    Jackson Milton tournament

    Anyone know the schedule and teams in Jackson Milton tournament which begins Friday Dec. 27th.
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    Alliance, Mt. Union tournament

    Does anyone know the schedule and schools playing this Saturday, Dec.21st? I know Rootstown vs Alliance at 1:30, Mogadore vs W. Branch at 5:00 ?? Others..
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    Thursday OCT. 25th games Akron area

    Any local games tonight. Summit, Portage, Stark area?
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    Portage Trail loses another school.

    Youngstown Valley Christian has accepted invitation to join new league. With Crestwood leaving only 5 schools remain with only 4 football schools. Apparently Garfield, Mogadore, Rootstown and Southeast have applied to become members of the Mahoning Valley Athletic League. Hopefully they are...
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    Mogadore vs Mogadore Field

    The rivalry will finally be renewed! Mogadore visits cross " reservoir " rival Mogadore Field. This dates back to when Suffield had it's own school before consolidating with Brimfield. 2 communities that share a postal address and many relatives on both sides. Haven't played since early 2000's...
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    What becomes of PTC county

    Now that Crestwood has voted to leave, what will the remaining schools do. I would approach Windham again as Crestwood was the largest school. Maybe Waterloo but they are playing Crestwood this year ( go figure). Maybe try to get some nearby MVAC schools to join.
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    Mantua Crestwood considers Chagrin

    Mantua Crestwood is the next Portage trail member to explore leaving. This is not new as about 25 years ago when they were much larger than most Portage county schools this was brought up. But now they are similar to most of the schools in size. Another district that is financially struggling...
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    Youngstown Vindicator ends

    News today that Youngstown's and Mahoning Valley's only newspaper will cease publishing last day of August. So sad after 150 years. No local paper to cover local sports in the Valley.
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    PTC County Division

    News is starting to surface that Atwater Waterloo will be seeking readmission to the Portage trail county division. Hopefully the superintendent and athletic director will continue on this course. Excellent move, also the MVAC should pursue Youngstown Valley to take Waterloo's position.
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    Mogadore 2019 schedule

    Does anyone know schedule for this year? Also, hear the field house is delayed by EPA...ugh. This would have been a mild winter to start. Wonder what happens now.
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    Newbury to close

    Newberry local schools will merge with West Geauga schools beginning with the 2020 school year. Another small Geauga district to close. Ledgemont closed and merged with Berkshire. Is this the start of more consolidating in Ohio. Windham? Vanlue? Bloomfield Mespo? There are many in NE Ohio and...
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    Mogadore 2019 schedule

    Does anyone have next year's schedule? I've heard rumors long time rival Mogadore Field is back. Anyone know for sure. Also believe only Crestwood and Valley Christian are home league games.
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    PTC County Division week 2

    Week 2 games, what's everyone think? Geneva at Mogadore- MOGADORE Waterloo at Crestwood- Crestwood Western Reserve Academy at Valley- Valley Southeast at Field- Field Garfield at Cuyahoga Heights- Heights Rootstown at Strasburg- Rootstown
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    Mogadore and Mogadore Field

    This rivalry will start up again in 2019 and 2020. Finally again a great game for 2 schools separated by 4 miles and share the same postal address. Probably means more to us old timers as this was "the game every year. No matter the record you had to beat your arch rival. So let me be the...
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    PTC County Division

    Thoughts on this year's league race. Will Crestwood play a full year? Looks like Rootstown is favorite having beaten perennial power and many time league champ Mogadore 2 years in a row. That doesn't happen much. Mogadore will be in the mix. Both should again make D 6 playoffs. Other teams...
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    Portage Trail future members?

    Rumblings and conversation surrounding Middlefield Cardinal and Burton Berkshire interested in applying for membership. Could be good public school fits but would think Lake Center Christian and Valley Christian might be asked to leave. Thoughts? I believe Cardinal and Berkshire are either D 5 or 6.
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    Mogadore 2018 schedule

    Anyone know Mogadore schedule for next year? Heard that Crestwood will be coming to Wildcat stadium to make up for last year's last minute cancelled game. Should have 6 home games then. Also heard Gilmour off schedule. Thoughts?
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    League's covering multiple counties

    I know the OVAC covers many counties and at least 2 states. But in Ohio what leagues cover multiple counties? The PORTAGE Trail conference covers Medina, Summit, Stark, PORTAGE and Mahoning. That's 5 counties. Others?