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  1. Crimsonblooded

    Lakota District - pairings, discussion, etc

    Any idea when baumspage will have the bracket pairing for this District?
  2. Crimsonblooded

    Ben Askren

    I'm not a big mma/UFC guy per say, but that being said as a big wrestling fan. I like the fact that wrestlers are show cased in this world of combat. Not only that but I think Ben Askren is the champion of success for wrestling. Takedown and ground and pound. What I also love is his credit given...
  3. Crimsonblooded


    Who's #1 on flo at 2 today
  4. Crimsonblooded

    Borofan class rankings

    I was so looking forward to seeing the new 2022 class rankings today only to have to wait until July. Logan Ours will be my vote for #1 overall.
  5. Crimsonblooded

    Point guard camps

    I have a 12 year old 6th grade daughter that plays point guard. Does anybody have any recommendations for camps that would benefit her game. Thanks
  6. Crimsonblooded

    No wrestling program

    Talk to a grandfather who's grandson's school dropped the middle school wrestling. Grandfather asked his A.D. if he could wrestle for another school and the A.D. told him his grandson would not be able to do that. I personally think that school's A.D. is wrong. Does anybody out there have more...
  7. Crimsonblooded

    Wrestling schedule regulations

    If a school has over 21 participants in wrestling they can then have two varsity teams and schedules. Let's say a school has under 21 participants...... can they still schedule an extra tournament over the 20pts, all on different dates and send an individual or so to a certain tournament and not...
  8. Crimsonblooded

    would it be legal?

    Would it be legal for middle schooler to compete for a club while being on their middle school team, staying out of any competition until December 28th. After such date then competing in a competition or two for school then ceasing to compete for school while picking back up for club team...
  9. Crimsonblooded

    December 12 middle school invite

    Willard Flashes middle school wrestling invite starting new tournament December 12th. All middle schools interested contact Coach Robert at and/or middle school A.D.
  10. Crimsonblooded

    willard middle school invite Dec. 12

    Any middle schools interested in Willard wrestling invite on December 12 can contact Coach Robert at and/or middle school A.D.