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    2020 State Tournament Predictions Report

    Perryburg 113 is really tough....220 at Perrysburg as well top two teams in the State at same district makes things interesting at a bunch of weights!
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    Darby D-1 District Rankings #6

    Tong still not wrestling?????? I was watching their dual tonight. Anybody think he is gonna be back?
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    Mentor D-1 District Rankings #5

    220 at Perrysburg could have all 4 that advance placing in Columbus. 5 of the top 7 ranked 220 are at Perrysburg.....Brutal!!!!!
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    Perrysburg D-1 District Rankings #5

    The meat grinder shifted West!😂😂😂 220 has 5 of the top 7 in the state. That gym will be nuts!
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    Wadsworth GIT (Saturday 1/25)

    Tong got cleared to wrestle? I spoke to one of their wrestlers at the Dies and that was NOT the vibe.
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    NEW Rankings - January 1

    I believe Gasic beat Merritt 13-3
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    Medina Invitational (M.I.T.)

    Liberty 220 as well!
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    Brecksville Holiday Tournament - 12/29 & 12/30

    Anybody know why Greer from Avon was a scratch?
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    Medina Invitational (M.I.T.)

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    Medina Invitational (M.I.T.)

    Thank you sir, interesting!
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    Medina Invitational (M.I.T.)

    Where can you see the seeds?
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    Medina Invitational (M.I.T.)

    Jaeckin was up 4-3 on Tong in 3rd period at Olentangy tourney. Delta kid Althofer at 220 is solid as is Chrisman. Should be a solid weight. 195 is nothing like it was last year!
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    Walsh Ironman - discussion, etc

    Were Ed's teams in different places this weekend? Seems like fewer wrestlers and missing coaches?
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    Findlay Duals Results

    Everything is on Track. Medina beat Olmsted Falls in the Championship. Came down to final match.
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    2019 OHSAA Tournament

    Padua is strong but they have many tough teams from the South as well as Ursula. Their bracket is not strong early and other teams will get better competition along the way. Grafton group has 4 top 20 teams in the State just in that district. Padua is only ranked team in their district. Padua...
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    No True 2nd matches at Marysville for any format this weekend

    Any guesses or Intel on why? Very odd...Juniors were done by 11:30.