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    2024 Massillon Tigers

    It seems several of the lifters had the wrong class after their name. Gamble and Wright are juniors, not seniors. Even if they are using the class for next year, they have Lemon listed as a senior, and he is a sophomore. Others are also not listed in their current class. What am I missing?
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    2024 Massillon Tigers

    It seems that Winton Woods has moved to DI
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    2024 Massillon Tigers

    The OSHAA site says there must be a minimum of 8 varsity games played. It previously says that ": Only contests played against NFHS Member State Association schools or OHSAA approved Affiliate Association schools will count towards the Harbin Ratings". Does this not mean that of our nine...
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    2024 Massillon Tigers

    I do go to the games in person, but like to rewatch them.
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    DIV 2 STATE FINAL Massillon 15-0 vs Akron Hoban 13-1

    Enough with the "perfect pass" at the end of the game. That would have required a great diving catch. The incompletion, in my mind, was more on the QB than the receiver.
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    2023 Massillon Football

    He wasn't alone...I'm 71 yrs old and after the last kneel down the tears were flowing!
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    Tickets for tonight’s game

    I received an email from the Massillon Ticket Office saying that there would be no ticket sales at the game!? "Per the OHSAA, there will be no cash sales at the gate. All tickets must be purchased online. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused!"
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    Massillon last 3 Playoff games

    Massillon has kept their population stable through annexation. While the city's area has grown, that is not true of the school district. There are huge chunks of housing in Massillon that are in the Perry School District and the Tuslaw School District, as well as small areas of other districts.
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    DIV 2 STATE FINAL Massillon 15-0 vs Akron Hoban 13-1

    I'll be there losing my voice (again) rooting for the Tigers, but until we beat Hoban in the 'ship, they are the favored team. Also, for whoever said Hoban has nothing to lose, weren't they in the Championship game in 2022? 2021?
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    Saturday Updates (10/21/23)

    Massillon 35-0. Runnung clock
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    Massillon Washington (7-0) at Austintown Fitch (4-2)

    Is there a way to watch this game online? With my old eyes it is too dangerous to drive back home in the dark.
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    2023 Massillon Football

    So, now we have beaten the supposed best team in Ohio (St Ed), and in Delaware (Middletown) and in the DC/Maryland area (St John). On our way to the Youngstown/Warren area and (not there is any doubt) Stark County. GO TIGERS!!!!
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    2023 Massillon Football

    It is being implied, but not stated clearly. For those of us not in the know, just sat it if it is the case. Or PM me.
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    2023 Massillon Football

    Can someone please write the words "DaOne is cleared to play tonight"?
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    Friday Night Finals (9/1/23)

    Massillon 51 Mansfield 10
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    Massillon Population question

    Is the football forum really the place for this thread?
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    2023 Massillon Football

    Per Massillon TIGERS.COM Top spread offense QB's Top...
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    2023 Massillon Football

    Does anyone know if the Freshman RB Savior Owens (listed on the Varsity Roster) is related to the QB/DB Daone Owens?
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    Hazing Incidents Click on MSN for article. "74% of student-athletes experience at least one form of hazing while in college," " Half of college...
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    This should get the pot nice and stirred up..........

    Actually, 20 out of 300 is one 15th (thinking that is where the 15 came in) or about 6.7%.