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    2023-2024 HS Indoor Track & Field Thread

    I apologize if I'm reading the list wrong, but Kaleb Nastari ran a 1:50.80 at Spire last year in the 800m.
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    West Branch (8-1) at Salem (1-8)

    My dad played on both of those Salem teams. I feel like I've heard stories about those games a million times.
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    State predictions

    He's in the 4x800 and 4x400 as well. The 1600 and 800 are just a little close for comfort.
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    Kaleb Nastari - 1:49.31 @ District - improves his PB from 1:49.56 of last year

    Was pretty windy at Springfield too. Came through first lap at about a 51.9.
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    Nastari - 1:50.48 @ Optimist Invite today

    Came through at 54.6-55.8. Second lap is way stronger than last year. First lap speed is just going to continue to build. Last year at state, his first lap was 52.
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    2023 T&F Season - Thread Update - Indoor Records Posted

    Just to add to the discussion, pretty amazing to see one of Ohio’s own as #28 on this list.
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    Salem is 11-6 in the series going back to 2004.
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    I think each one has a legit claim to being “best”. I just was wondering how you qualified them is all.
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    Regardless of schedule, VC has dominated whatever team lines up across from them. Hake has them going in the right direction for sure. Should be a great battle with athletes lined up all over the field.
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    I’m curious as to what you qualify as being the worst out of the 3? Southern and United have played a near identical schedule. Both stacked up points on EC. Southern kept it a defensive battle with Crestview and United found a way in the second half. United’s offensive power is something else...
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    Nike Outdoor Nationals

    Philly should have a pretty electric 800 though this year.
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    Kaleb Nastari Breaks D3 800 Record Last night at the Division 3 District Finals in Springfield, United Local Junior, Kaleb Nastari, broke the 800 state record with a 1:51.48. This race moves him into #22 overall in the country and the #3 Junior in the country.