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    Marion Local

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    1969 Steubenville Big Red vs Massillon Tigers

    It was the 60’s. Different times. People didn’t get butthurt like they do today.
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    DIV State Semifinal: Steubenville vs. Kettering Alter

    It’s all good. When I first started posting on here I would post the same thing 3 times sometimes. lol
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    Region 15: #1 Steubenville vs #2 Thornville Sheridan

    If If If… And IF my Aunt had balls she’d be my Uncle.
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    Region 15: #1 Steubenville vs #2 Thornville Sheridan

    I think you mean his Guy!!
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    #1 Steubenville vs. #13 Indian Valley

    Hill had 199 receiving yards so…
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    #1 Steubenville vs. #13 Indian Valley

    Reno took the starters out waaaay too early.
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    Week 13 Neutral Sites

    Always wondered how they (OHSAA) did the whole process. Do they all get together in a room with maps and phones or what? Some years it seems they throw darts for some games.
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    #1 Steubenville vs. #13 Indian Valley

    Big Reds offense is definitely firing on all cylinders right now. They always kick it up a notch come playoff time, and that includes the play calling. They want you to double Hill so they have the numbers then.
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    #1 Steubenville vs. #13 Indian Valley

    Dude give it a rest. You really need to go find yourself a significant other. Maybe this time you won’t lose her/him to someone from Steubenville.
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    Big Red vs. Licking Valley

    Someone needs to do better on the camera. As long as they are zoomed out it’s fine. However when they zoom in and a play goes to either corner the camera is too slow to catch up. You’d think after all these weeks they’d of figured it out.
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    Neutral playoff game sites

    Actually 3 schools but who’s counting 😎
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    Neutral playoff game sites

    In 1982 Steubenville Big Red Hosted Youngstown Mooney. 1983 they Hosted Ursuline. In 1984 Ursuline Hosted Big Red at YSU.
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    2024 schedules

    I Love how Steubenville lives rent free in your head. You definitely lost a girl or a guy to someone from Big Red. 😎
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    Steubenville at Louisville

    Finished 1 in Region . 😎
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    Week 3: Cardinal Mooney vs Big Red

    What was that Dover score in 2011?
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    Week 2 Warren G Harding(0-1) at Buchtel (0-1)

    How many did Buchtel have?
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    Steubenville Away Game

    Just like Maple city fan, he must of had his Girlfriend/Boyfriend dump him for someone from Steubenville.
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    Steubenville @ Youngstown Ursuline

    Lol, please! How about the dropped past by Big Red the refs said was a fumble?
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    Most underrated/overrated teams going into 2023

    Steubenville overrated?! 4 State Championships, multiple runner ups, multiple Region Championships, crap load of playoff wins. Give me a break.