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    Deeps 1600/Mile field ever for Ohio?

    Perhaps I'm confused. From the results posted at FinishTiming, Kilgallon was listed as being in 3rd place at 1600 and 2nd place at the mile. In your post you appear to have Killgallon listed as having the 2nd best time in the 1600 ranking. Liao is listed as having the 4th fastest time when he...
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    Deeps 1600/Mile field ever for Ohio?

    IIRC that was a hot day as is typical for the state meet in June.
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    Deeps 1600/Mile field ever for Ohio?

    Unless I am reading this wrong, should Kilgallon be listed as the best time for a 2nd place finish? He was 3rd at the Rod Russell Invite. Drew Zundell was 2nd in that race in 4:07.22. Kilgallon's 3rd place time of 4:07.26 is better than Gableman's 3rd place time from the 2023 meet. I believe...
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    2024 Track

    Pretty outstanding triple from Waynesville’s Sam Erbach at the Wayne Invite. 1600 - 4:59.68 for the win 800 - 2:15.47 for 2nd 3200 - 10:46.60 for 3rd
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    Conference results so far

    I'm confused. I am not sure what you mean by these stats. Mathematically it doesn't even make sense to have only one team in a conference of 10 teams to have an in-conference record of ≥ .500. Perhaps I am missing your point. I looked at two conferences, the GCL Coed & the GMC. GCL Coed...
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    Troy meet

    Fair enough. And you're right, it is about the kids. But what do you say to the kid that ran perhaps their best race of the season or high school career but can't get on the list because the effort was put in on a tough course? Someone else is on the list with a time only a few seconds faster...
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    Troy meet

    Records or lists of best times for cross country are silly. It would be fine if every single race was run on the same course, but that isn't the case. Even if a school keeps a list of times from a home course that is run often, like a home course or a course that might be used for a home...
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    Week 6

    ^ I never saw your kid play soccer but if she plays as well as she runs, she’s pretty good. Great runs by her at Mason last week and cedarville last night.
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    OHSAA Early Season Invitational

    There were some pretty fast times for an early-season meet. Clute was about 40 seconds faster this year vs last year. I'm skeptical of those 2 1/2 mile times, though. If those times are really that fast, why are those runners competing in an open meet? 12:04 for the winner of the boys' race?
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    World Athletics Championships

    When only taking the Mexico City altitude into account and no wind data, Felix's 22.11 equivalates to approximately a 22.34 basic. She is the owner of a lifetime PR of 21.69 which is good for the number 5 US all-time and the number 11 world all-time. So while her improvment wasn't as marked as...
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    World Athletics Championships

    One of the many impressive aspects of Abby’s development is the range that she has. She is similar to Allyson Felix in that regard. Hopefully her career is as long as fruitful Felix’s. Steiner & Jackson are also a lot alike in their range but also in their power. Felix is more of a sprinter with...
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    World Athletics Championships

    Thank you for posting, Mathking. Your comments are more diplomatic than what I posted and I should have had more restraint. Perhaps I overreacted but I get a bit tired of having unfounded accusations tossed around so easily. It is not good for the sport. I am not naive enough to believe that...
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    World Athletics Championships

    Ooohh, you’re a big & bad keyboard warrior!! Too funny. I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen someone challenge another poster to a mano a mano on this forum. It’s “capisce,” FWIW. Capisce?
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    World Athletics Championships

    If you’re going to throw around unfounded accusations, “which is all they are,” grow some sack and be willing to be called out on it. I get a bit tired of athletes being accused of using PEDs, being DSD, or whatever, just because they might be performing at a level that they “shouldn’t” be...
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    World Athletics Championships

    ETH a DSD athlete or trans? Take your shít elsewhere, dbag. Evidently you haven’t followed her career closely. Let me assure you, ETH is a woman. There was one DSD athlete that competed in the finals and she finished 4th. Folks like you that cast wild aspersions without a shred of evidence can...
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    It's Offficial - Abby Steiner is now with Puma

    You’re right. The finals are Thursday night. I feel like nobody will beat Shericka Jackson and places 2-8 will just be a big scramble.
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    World Athletics Championships

    Here is a pretty useful and awesome guide for the championships that are slated to begin this upcoming Friday. It was written by a Floridian that is also a University of Florida fan so that is why there is information about the Florida high school and UF athletes that will be competing. There...
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    Historic Mile regarding Ohio Girls at NB Nats

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Clute goes under 4:40 in the mile next season. She should have a chance to run that distance in an invitational. Rae Alexander has done a great job with her. She is such a powerful runner and that will serve her well as a collegiate XC runner. While it’s...
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    Micaela DEGENERO (Granville HS - Colorado) NCAA mile CHAMPION

    Micaela threw down a 61-second final 400 but this time Vissa was ready for it. I was hoping that Abby Nichols could have taken the 5000 crown. At the top of her game she would have challenged for it but she seemed a bit flat and tired. Wetmore feels that perhaps she raced too much this spring...
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    Adelaide Aquilla NCAA Shot Champion with new collegiate record

    I haven't been in here in a while and was surprised not to see mention of this. Ohio State's Adelaide Aquilla of Rocky River (Mags '17) was the NCAA Champion in the shot put with an NCAA record throw of 64-5¼. This bested Arizona State's Maggie Ewen's 2018 toss of 63-10¼. Aquilla now has the...