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    Watch 1939 Basketball Highlights...Changes To The Game Rules Continue

    you're telling me the game has changed in the past EIGHTY FIVE YEARS?! wow. next you're gonna tell me they're going to allow the forward pass in football.
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    Arm injuries

    Pitchers today are taught to deliver the ball with an "inverted W" to try to increase velocity and spin rate. Look at the way Nolan Ryan delivered the ball compared to Stephen Strasburg. Now think about the extra stress on Stasburg's arm compared to Nolan's. That's where injuries happen.
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    Troy Memorial Getting Turf

    it's been discussed HERE. that doesn't mean its being discussed at the OHSAA, which is the only place that matters. The state championship games will never be held at Sidney, Piqua, or Troy.
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    Score Keeping Questions

    Who is the error on?...that's why it's ruled a hit.
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    Score Keeping Questions

    Depends. is the fielder on my team or the other team?
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2024

    Going back to 9 conference games doesn't settle Marion Local's inability to find a week 1 game.
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    Potential New Football Programs

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    Van Wert Boys Basketball Coach Steps Down

    "prayer" is a bit much. it was a corner three.
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    Why move HS boys finals to Sunday?

    the pearl clutching on stuff like this is always hilarious to me. if you don't think that a decent chunk of those teenage boys are still awake between the hours of 11 PM to 2 AM, and then get up and go to school in the morning on any normal day youre out of your mind.
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2024

    spending more money than they bring in
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    2024 WBL talk

    for those looking for numerical order Wapak 342 Shawnee 321 Celina 299 Defiance 288 St Marys 262 Elida 243 Van Wert 240 OG 221 Kenton 215 Bath 198
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2024

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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2024

    for those looking in numerical order Versailles: 172 Anna: 145 Coldwater 145 Parkway: 128 Marion Local: 109 Fort Recovery: 107 St Henry: 102 New Bremen: 101 Minster: 84 St Johns: 62 New Knoxville (For Fun): 45
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2024

    Offense: Baylen Blockberger Brogan Stephy Vic Hoelsher Defense: Cody Depweg Kyle Ungruhn James Schmitmeyer
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    yes have been for several years
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2024

    Parkway had 9 coaches last year.
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    Just an observation...OHSAA Boys Basketball Poll Champions

    just a (bad) observation. the board voted to expand the divisions because that's what the OHSAA bylaws say its supposed to do. schools have a voice in some things, and the board gets to decide how the tournaments are operated. pretty simple explanation from someone to figure out. then, because...
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    OHSAA Hopes To Return To The Fairgrounds Coliseum for State Basketball Tournament In 2025

    as the discussion continues its important to point out that this isn't for the state tournament its for the central district. it isn't the state basketball tournament they want to bring back, its the central district semifinals and finals. dave is wrong again
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    OHSAA Why would you schedule Boys and Girls tournament games on the same day?

    they should whine about things until they get their way, obviously.