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    Milesplit Entries and just general questions

    We have that problem on a smaller scale with our conference meet. A few schools in our league don't have a pole vault pit, so when it's their turn to host the league meet, that event has to be contested at another nearby league school that does have a pit.
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    When is your school's last day?

    Our school's last day for seniors is Friday the 17th. All others' last day is Thursday the 23rd with an early release. Graduation is Friday the 24th.
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    Divisional placements and Regional Assignments to be released today for Boys Hoops

    This is so true. I went to the state tournament for 26 straight years until the year that COVID killed it and due largely to personal finances, I haven't been back since and I don't know that I will ever go back. This may be me painting a broad brush, but I just think that in general, it has...
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    OHSAA Board of Directors Approves Expansion Proposal

    Our girls coach shared the email with me recently. What you said is pretty much spot on.
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    Flopping Addressed in 2024-25 High School Basketball Rules Changes

    Here's questions that our coaches and I all raised with each other...Why is this necessary? If it's a flop, why bog the game down with warnings and technicals and simply just not call the foul?
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    My school is tied for the smallest in D4. We offer more sports than most our size, but we approved dual participation back in the fall and seem to think that will somehow make things better.
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    Coverage of High School Sports

    My town's newspaper gives coverage a total of 5 schools, including the one in which the town is located. Because it's a small town paper, there's only one full-time sports writer and the paper's editor also doubles as a second sports writer. Those two also help cover school board meetings and...
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    Teacher faces termination after calling in sick for 2 days to attend a concert in Nashville, district says

    I don't understand why people are so upset about this. It's about being dishonest and misusing the sick days. They're supposed to be used for a genuine personal or family illness and this was anything but that. She made a huge mistake by not keeping her mouth shut. Had she done so, it's entirely...
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    What do you consider a small town?

    For what it's worth, in Ohio, a "city" is defined as a town of 5K or more people.
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    You are spot on. It has since become much easier for people to come up with reasons not to go.
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    Seven Divisions Won't Change This Problem

    Props to Dave for explaining to all of us what the phrase "elephant in the room" means. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
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    Whitmer's leading scorer played with 5 fouls in 4Q of D1 Regional Final

    I repeat it for the benefit of us as scorekeepers, not the officials. If I'm certain the official reports the foul on the incorrect player, I would check with the other scorekeeper and say something to that official.
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    Whitmer's leading scorer played with 5 fouls in 4Q of D1 Regional Final

    I am my school's scorekeeper for both girls and boys and I am absolutely dumbfounded at how this happened. Each time a foul is reported to us at the table, I'm always making eye contact with the official reporting the foul and I repeat out loud who the foul is on, how many personal fouls that...
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    Why move HS boys finals to Sunday?

    It's because UD Arena hosts the NCAA First Four games on Tuesday and Wednesday.
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    Ask the Ref?

    So B gets the next possession on the arrow, similar to a throw-in to start the 3rd quarter?
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    2024 OHSAA Boys Basketball State Tournament Pairings

    They do a blind draw every year for both the regional and state semi-final matchups.
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    Ask the Ref?

    Does this mean that if Team A is the one to shoot technical FTs and subsequently has the throw-in, that it again has the next possession arrow if there's a held ball?
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    A look back...2020 the yr Parkway was stopped by the OHSAA and COVID from a possible trip to the state finals

    And to add insult to injury, West Branch's charter bus broke down in a restaurant parking lot near Mansfield and they had to wait close to two hours for a replacement bus to come get them. They couldn't get home fast enough.
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    A look back...2020 the yr Parkway was stopped by the OHSAA and COVID from a possible trip to the state finals

    Agreed. My school qualified for the regional for only the 3rd time ever and we found out we weren't going to be allowed to play only two hours before our bus was supposed to leave the school. It sucked, but honestly...what were we or anyone else going to do?