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    Disqualified wrestler advances, while 2nd wrestler is Disqualified after tournament (same weight)!

    What a well-written comment! The alternative that Beau and the OHSAA could be dealing with is way worse than everyone being mad on Yappi. The court of public opinion would hammer him and the OHSAA terribly. It wouldn't matter if he was "right" or not. One thing to think about, is you don't...
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    Claymont Sectional

    Thanks for working on that! Looking at the seed nominations: Looks like no Tackett at 132 for Tri-Valley and Weaver went 150 for Minerva instead of 157. I also didn't see McCrobie (138) or McClish (157?) for Minerva in those seed nominations.
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    Sectional Entry Grids "Numbers breakdown"

    Thanks for doing that....interesting to see those numbers!
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    EBC Wrestling 2023-2024

    Carrollton - 43 Salem - 27 Great match to watch - much closer than the final score.
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    EBC Football 2023

    Coach Tsilimos said that he needed a break from coaching. The daily drive from Lisbon was a factor, and spending more time with his family. I don‘t know that he is done coaching for good, but at least for now he is. He did a great job in his 5 years at Carrollton!
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    EBC Football 2023

    They can’t block long enough for him to throw it. A subpar o-line can make a great QB look average.
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    Strasburg Head Coaching position

    They definitely had a JV and freshman team the last couple of years...Coach Hart was the freshman coach.
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    EBC Football 2023

    I think you guys have this correct. Battle for 1st: Alliance and West Branch Battle for 3rd: Carrollton and Salem Battle for 5th: Marlington and Minerva
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    State tournament upsets/surprises . . .

    1998 or 1999? Cadiz Jewett-Scio Lakeland
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    2022 EBC

    This is exactly how the EBC schools feel….. great post! Schools can find more OOC games in all sports that fit the skill level of their teams, while still having enough teams to have league championships. Best 6 team league in the State!
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    2022 EBC

    That’s easy….Izzie Nuzzolillo - 9th Marching band, plays soccer and runs cross country.
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    2022 EBC

    You get 0 computer points if you don’t win the game. Granted, beating an 0-10 or 1-9 team doesn’t help much, but it certainly helps more than adding a game you can’t win. Carrollton might beat Dover 1 time in 20 years. No way Salem will want to drive all the way to Dover.
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    2022 EBC Baseball thread

    Each coach picks their own honorable mentions. So if some kid didn’t get honorable mention, it‘s because their coach did not select them. You guys mentioned too many kids being given awards, but still are upset that some people got left off. Is 10 1st teamers too many? With Canton South leaving...
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    2022 EBC Baseball thread

    Carrollton 1st team- Parker Varney 2nd team- Isaac Moore H. Mention: Jaxon Rinkes, Cadyn Smith
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    2022 EBC Baseball thread

    West Branch 3-1 over Carrollton
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    D3 113 semifinals

    Just don‘t put yourself in a position where the referee can do this to you. Isn’t Shore way better than Miller? I’m sure he could have easily beaten him without ever lifting him off his feet. The kids at our school that were good enough to be State champions always wrestled very conservatively...
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    State Tournament Experience

    I remembering wondering if they even had our school’s name on a sign before we finally got it up there in the top 10,
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    Gallia Academy D2 District SE/E

    My guesses... 106 1.) Brady Smith - West Holmes 2.) Landon Jenkins - Carrollton 3.) Ethan Burkhart - New Lexington 4.) Brodi Bowersock - Beaver 5.) Mark Mueller - Minerva 6.) Lyric Dickerson - Miami Trace 113 1.) Mason Taylor - West Holmes 2.) Gannon Kazmirski - St. Clairsville 3.) Kail Snair...
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    EBC Wrestling

    Carrollton 55-18 Jenkins beat Miller 8-7 West Branch 42-34
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    EBC Wrestling

    All of those matches are being made up on Thursday 2/17.