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    2024 Schedules - Division II

    Suburban League games are incorrect. It appears you rotated the league games forward. They are the same order as last year.
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    Suburban League American (2024)

    Aurora plays: Twinsburg Lutheran West West Geauga 2024 will be a traditional solid team for the Greenmen. I would expect them and Highland to fight it out again week 10 for the championship.
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    2024 Suburban League American

    1. Aurora/Highland 3. Barberton 4. Tallmadge 5. Revere 6. Copley 7. Kent Roosevelt 8. Cuyahoga Falls
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    2024 Suburban League American

    Correct. i edited previous post.
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    2024 Suburban League American

    Um...Highland wins again? 2015-Aurora 2016-Aurora 2017-Barberton 2018- Barberton 2019-Aurora 2020-covid no champ 2021-Barberton 2022- Highland 2023-Aurora
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    Best Home Field Advantage/Game Day Atmosphere in Suburban League

    Aurora has a great atmosphere- big home crowd, awesome student section, and great food!
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    Division III in 2023?

    Topper Bounce- Chardon has certainly been a dominant force in region 9 the last 3 years- question though- what is Chardon's record in playoffs vs The Greenmen?
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    Suburban League American (2023)

    1. Highland/Aurora 3. Barberton 4. Tallmadge 5. Revere 6. Roosevelt 7. Copley 8. Cuy. Falls
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    Division III Region 9 - Top 8 Teams

    Could be 6 order is just a guess but those are six who have a legit shot to win region. Not surprisingly, all 6 have a solid head coach and coaching staff. Programs that reload year after year.
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    Division III Region 9 - Top 8 Teams

    Top 8 in order: 1. Chardon 2. Canfield 3. Ursuline 4. Aurora 5. Dover 6. Kenston 7. VASJ 8. Tallmadge any of the top 6 have a chance to win region 9 and advance to probably play region 10 winner and defending D2 champ, TCC
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    Your School’s Best Teams of the year 2000-Present Day?

    Aurora- 2008- 13-2 State Championship Team in D3 2011- 12-2 Lost in State Semi Finals the day after player on team, Paulie McGhee died in a tragic Thanksgiving Day car accident. 2012- 12-2 Lost in State Semi Finals to Deshon Kizer led Toledo Central Catholic, 20-13. 2019- 13-1 Lost in State Semi...