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    Move out of State

    Thank you folks!
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    Move out of State

    Good morning, Man this site has really gone silent over the years on the soccer forum. Used to be pretty interesting back in the day - ha! So have a question, I know there are still some that lurk on here that probably know this. What if you play the fall season in Ohio and then due to work you...
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    Scrimmage Scores

    From 8-9 Edgewood 0 Lebanon 2 Decent enough game to watch, both teams will have competitive teams in most games in their respective conferences, obviously the ECC is a step above the SWOC in soccer, can't argue that!
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    Hearing that Alter's men's soccer coach is suddenly out.

    This dude was also one of the many first steps into the complete demolition of the Thunder United club. Yeah coaches and parents, we are moving to the paid professional coaches model it will be great........ Yo Kobe tell me how my #$$ tastes!
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    2022 Season

    I am sure Pee Wee would deploy the Russian defensive strategy...........for those of you who loved Big Adventure
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    FC Dayton

    Anyone have any insight on the plan for this what looks like a re brand of CUSA? In particular the boy HS side? Thanks
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    Week 8 Match Ups

    I agree with this 100%, all of us have been around refs that don't have the emotional IQ to handle certain situations. Now we have a ton of refs that fall into this and it can be a powder keg. We had a guy the other night that seriously did not know the entire ball has to be out on the touch. I...
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    Scrimmage Scores

    Edgewood 1 Badin 0 Last night
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    2021 Midwest Preseason Classic Tournament (formerly the Mason Preseason Classic)

    Warren County kept asking for delay, after delay, after delay. And guess why? Because they would have to give money back if they canceled, pro rata, but Mason finally had to make the call because you can't delay forever. I was there on Saturday during the absolute deluge and I 100% agree there...