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    2024 Massillon Tigers

    For what it’s worth, the teams in the mid-2000s were really good and could have won the region a lot of years but the District was really tough in that era.
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    OHSAA Announces 2024 Football Divisions and Regional Assignments

    With today’s technology, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be doing it every year, regardless of the voucher program.
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    2024 Canton McKinley Opponents Football (Tentative)

    Most likely, yes. Over the years they have been one of the most recruited high schools for D1 colleges in Michigan. They have five former players currently in the NFL, most notable for this area is Donovan Peoples-Jones.
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    Top recruit daring OHSAA to suspend him

    If you watch the NFL Draft they typically let you know how many guys drafted were multi-sport athletes in high school and it is usually a heavy majority.
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    Top recruit daring OHSAA to suspend him

    And football is hurt when some kids play fall baseball. It works both ways.
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    Block buster Transfers to Canton McKinley

    Just when I thought this thread couldn’t get any worse, people start talking politics lol.
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    HOFV Update - More Good News!!

    It was for the current temporary Browns exhibit. Let’s also remember that the Hall is a separate entity than the Village (though they work together on multiple projects).
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    2024 Federal League

    I think it’s important for all Federal League schools to schedule with keeping finances in mind more than ever. I would think trying to limit travel and trying to schedule well attended games should be prioritized more than ever.
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    Block buster Transfers to Canton McKinley

    I honestly understand Massillon fans’ gripe with the hypocrisy. It isn’t fair. The reason I don’t feel a need to go to bat for Massillon is because you guys have enough fans on here to hold your own. Heck, I just put down my thoughts on Kyle Kempt.
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    Block buster Transfers to Canton McKinley

    1. It’s not football season yet. I just felt like somebody needed to say something when there are people making claims about kids with no evidence. Sorry I don’t check the roster in the offseason. If that is in your interest, great for you. We’re allowed to have different interests. 2. If you...
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    Block buster Transfers to Canton McKinley

    Once again, you can check my history and find that I have never brought it up. I don’t speak for others. The Kempts moved to the area and decided that Massillon was the best place for Kyle. I have absolutely no issue with it.
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    Block buster Transfers to Canton McKinley

    $250,000. This would be based off an estimated $50,000 salary. I would compare it to if I were asked to move to North Dakota. I would require they pay me 5 times of the amount of money I make now. Love the NDSU Bison but it would be a hard sell to get me to move there.
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    Block buster Transfers to Canton McKinley

    A. Not from Houston to Massillon. B. Personally, I have no problem with kids transferring to Massillon if they and their parents feel that is best for them. Find one post where I have alluded to anything different.
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    Block buster Transfers to Canton McKinley

    First, I want to point out that I don’t even know any of the kids’ names. Pertaining to your question, I believe all four families are connected and wanted their kids to play together. How they settled on McKinley instead of other area schools, I have no clue. The reason I said this can’t...
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    Block buster Transfers to Canton McKinley

    Do you honestly think parents are just going to move to Canton from Houston just for football?
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    Lake Levy Vote March 19

    You’re entitled to your opinion but this example is at least partially untrue. Profit sharing is definitely a thing in the MLB. 48% of local revenues are shared amongst the league. People arguing for county based distribution are effectively arguing for the same thing. The good of the whole...
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    Federal League 2023-2024

    There’s no such thing as an easy path to a state title, even in D3.
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    Team was pretty young this year. In my opinion the program is on the right track but we will see.
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    OHSAA Tournament Upsets

    Incorrect. Gross played and had 18 points. GlenOak was actually shorthanded with Broom out.