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  1. CardinalsFan

    Div I, Region 4 Playoff Thread

    ONE state title gets you "legendary" status? Really?? Man...the bar for greatness in Ohio really has fallen in the past 5 years. Good luck with that. -CardinalsFan PS: Funny how for years Coombs and then Bolden were chided by all the football "experts" by sticking with the Triple Option...
  2. CardinalsFan

    Div I, Region 4 Playoff Thread

  3. CardinalsFan

    GMC Football 2023

    The state of football in this conference and in this region has fallen so makes me sad. Hopeful to see some new blood atop the standings at the end of the season. Good luck to the GMC teams the rest of the way. -CardinalsFan
  4. CardinalsFan

    Colerain at La Salle

    Impressive. Do the winning Powerball numbers next! -CardinalsFan
  5. CardinalsFan

    Colerain at La Salle

    This is a completely new program. They are practically building the team from scratch. For Colerain to return to being consistently competitive, they need to get back to having pride and accountability. That plus open enrollment and consolidating with Northwest would go a long way. -CardinasFan
  6. CardinalsFan

    GMC 2023

    Love to see the GMC talk. Keep up the great conversation. -CardinalsFan
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    They can, and will, be better. Order needs to be re-established and discipline instilled once again. They have forgotten that they have to work twice as hard and twice as long as the mega-suburban open enrollment publics and privates JUST to be competitive. They will NEVER be what they were...
  8. CardinalsFan

    Division 1 Semi Final: Archbishop Moeller (13-1) vs Springfield (12-1)

    I will just say this. It was an incredibly entertaining game that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. However, the play calls on the final two series of the game for Moeller left a LOT to be desired. So much time left to abandon the run and rely on the arm of a freshman making his second career...
  9. CardinalsFan

    Region 4 Championship: Archbishop Moeller (12-1) vs Lakota West (13-0)

    No doubt. I am sure that is what all the Lakota West fans are thinking tonight. Can’t wait to see how this team looks post-Mitch. -CardinalsFan
  10. CardinalsFan

    Region 4 Championship: Archbishop Moeller (12-1) vs Lakota West (13-0)

    So is this the third straight regional finals loss for LW? -CardinalsFan
  11. CardinalsFan

    Week 2: Colerain @ Princeton

    Coaching is likely a very small part of the issue at Colerain. The fact is that numbers are down across the board and they are steadily falling. We don't have the benefit of open enrollment like most of our GMC counterparts have so it is finally coming to a head. Plus, the community is aging...
  12. CardinalsFan

    100 days left before the beginning of the 2022 Ohio High School Football Season on Thursday August 18, 2022

    Well done IUDOGS. Carry the banner forward. -CardinalsFan
  13. CardinalsFan

    Moeller vs Lakota West

    Wow....good call. -CF
  14. CardinalsFan

    Colerain at Princeton

    No. Colerain doesn't have anywhere near the offensive firepower to keep up with Princeton this year. Best case scenario is the defense forces some turnovers and creates short fields for Colerain to score on and if they have to drive the length of the field, they do it turnover free and keep...
  15. CardinalsFan

    Private school dominance of DI ending?

    They truly do try to keep it simple for the football folks, don't they? No mention of the two full sized, artificial turf fields and 18, is it, tennis courts? Completely renovated on campus natatorium? Please...let's not pretend St. X doesn't sport athletic facilities that the vast majority...
  16. CardinalsFan

    Cincinnati GMC vs GCL

    Short term, I agree. Long-term, Lakota West will never accomplish what Colerain has accomplished in conference. What the Cardinals have done over the last three DECADES will NEVER be duplicated again. And honestly, I seriously doubt that Lakota West wins as many regional championships as...
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    Lakota West is the defending GMC champion. Clearly states that on the GMC website. Appreciate the positive approach. Only way to be. They have definitely played a tough schedule and had a chance to beat LaSalle and were absolutely blown out by St. X (who hasn't?). I hope the young players...