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  1. Mathews99

    Closed schools thread.

    Ledgemont and Newbury were consolidated into other districts in the last decade......
  2. Mathews99

    D7 R25 2023

    Good Bye D7 R25 2023
  3. Mathews99

    JJHuddle Alumni!

    Mathews99 on JJHuddle, and Mathews99 here, hopped on Yappi way before JJHuddle become the Titanic and sunk....
  4. Mathews99

    D7 R25 2023

    Not really an argument from me, but your facts are off just a bit when you say "teams they rolled last year had running clocks on them this year." Only team they rolled last year that put a running clock on them this year was Fairport Harbor... They did play a tough schedule, 6 opponents made it...
  5. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick em week 12

    #10 Fitch @ #2 Walsh Jesuit #11 Warren Harding @ #3 Hudson #9 Canfield @ #1 Ursuline #6 Struthers @ #3 Poland #7 Niles @ #2 Mentor Lake Catholic #5 streetsboro @ #4 West Branch #5 Garfield @ #4 Harrison central #7 ridgewood @ #2 South Range #5 Cuyahoga Heights @ #4 united #10 mineral ridge @ #2...
  6. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick em week 11

    D2 region 5 #10 Austintown Fitch @ #7 Cleveland John hay #11 Warren Harding @ #6 Akron SVSM D3 region 9 #1 Ursuline vs #16 New Philadelphia #9 Canfield @ #8 Akron East D4 region 13 #6 Struthers vs #11 Girard #4 West Branch vs #13 Woodridge #3 Poland Seminary vs #14 East Liverpool #7 Niles...
  7. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick em week 10

    Struthers @ Poland Girard @ niles Lakeview @ beaver local spread games Ursuline @ Mooney +15 West branch @ Salem +45 Canfield @ Boardman +32 East @ Chaney -17 Hubbard @ south range -40 Fitch @ Harding + 20 Springfield @ Lowellville + 8 Labrae @ crestview -3
  8. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick ‘em week 9

    Fitch @ Boardman + 35 Harding @ massilon -39 Girard @ Hubbard + 34 Niles @ Struthers -6 Lakeview @ Poland -27 Springfield @ McDonald +20 Carrollton @ west branch -27 Mineral ridge @ western reserve GOTW Lisbon @ southern -14 Chaney @ Ursuline -23 East @ Mooney -28 Louisville @ south range -34
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    Mahoning valley pick ‘em week 8

    West Branch Mooney Labrae Hubbard Lowellville Columbiana Brookfield Springfield Struthers Massilon South Range Ursuline Poland Southern
  10. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick ‘em week 7

    West Branch Warren Harding Mooney Beaver Salem East South Range Poland Ursuline Struthers Edison Campbell Springfield Lowellville Crestview Brookfield
  11. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick ‘em week 6

    Ursuline Mooney Canfield Struthers South Range Beaver Local Girard Brookfield Springfield
  12. Mathews99

    D7 R25 2023

    Did you really expect any different? They aren't going up against cupcakes. They are playing the toughest schedule any Mathews team has played since they left the Inter County League in the late 90's... The admins/schedule makers did those kids no favors by deciding to replace Sebring on some of...
  13. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick ‘em week 5

    Ursuline Beaver Poland West Branch Girard Chaney Struthers Western Reserve Lakeview Brookfield Newton Falls Crestview United Jackson Milton
  14. Mathews99

    D7 R25 2023

    I didn't think it was a slight..... I do and have respected your thoughts and opinions on here. You speak the truth, and your not wearing purple hazed glasses. I've been to the last two games versus Ravenna Southeast & Newton Falls... If their heads are in the game they have a decent defense for...
  15. Mathews99

    D7 R25 2023

    I am trying to remain as optimistic as they come, but taking Sebring's spot on so many schedules was a mistake... I give Coach Bohren all the credit in the world for what he did with the program, but it was and is not ready to be thrown back to the wolves. Don't take me the wrong way, as an...
  16. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick ‘em week 4

    West Branch Canfield Boardman Chaney United Girard Hubbard CCC Clyde South Range McDonald Ridge Campbell Beaver Liberty
  17. Mathews99

    Grand Valley seeking to leave CVC for NAC

    Make up your damn minds, your in or your out. I would have rather had Newton Falls when they wanted to join... instead of dealing with Grand Valley jumping back and forth...
  18. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick ‘em week 3

    West Branch Olmstead Falls Poland Hubbard Niles Lakeview South Range Geneva Brookfield Columbiana Bridgeport Lisbon Chaney Warren Harding Fitch Steubenville
  19. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick ‘em week 2

    West Branch Canfield McDonald Hubbard Salem Mooney Alliance Lakeview Fitch Lowellville Geneva South Range Y'town East Harding Mineral Ridge
  20. Mathews99

    Mahoning valley pick ‘em week 1

    Ursuline Niles Fitch Kenston Canton McKinley Canfield Chaney Struthers Mooney Girard Poland Hubbard Lakeview South Range Norwayne Valley Christian Campbell Lowellville Liberty Champion