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  1. East2012

    2023-24 Federal League Baseball

    Glenoak has Perry
  2. East2012

    Monday March 25th Scores

    Glenoak 9 Cardinal Mooney 0
  3. East2012

    Weather/temp question

    Lots of factors involved, we typically go by 44 and below as too cold once you factor wind chill, 45 and up good to play. However, lots of other factors depending on field surface, etc.
  4. East2012

    Your team's college offers and commits

    Akron East has a ton of players with FCS or D2 Offers, only 2 committed at this time that I know of Ziaire Stevens RB c/o 2025-Purdue Ibraheem Kamara ATH c/o 2024-Toledo
  5. East2012

    Tickets for tonight’s game

    Yes, there are no cash sales at the gate but reps from Hometown Ticketing will be onsite to assist with purchasing through their app or online through OHSAA.
  6. East2012

    OHSAA Football Finals remain in Canton

    Not to mention, HOFV and Tom Benson has a dedicated production team on staff along with an in house production studio/wing on the press level, something that im sure is more attractive to Spectrum or whoever is going to broadcast.
  7. East2012

    Week 11 D-III Region 9 #9 Canfield Cardinals at #8 East Orientals

    That game also had to be played over 2 days where at the end of the first half East had the HUGE advantage both physically and mentally-Chaney was starting to self implode, when you allow a team another 12 hours between the first and second half to regroup-anything can happen. Its going to be a...
  8. East2012

    Top RBs (Wk9)

    Ziaire Stevens - Akron East JR RB 21 Carries, 208 yards rushing, 4 TDs Around 200 yards shy of 2,000 on the season
  9. East2012

    2023 Akron City Series Football

    On what basis or facts are you standing on citing that East is "still undisciplined as all get up"? I'd argue that based on total penalties/penalty yards through week 5 they are one of the more disciplined teams ive seen in a while. I think we like to say a team in the city is undisciplined just...
  10. East2012

    2023 Akron City Series Football

    Most likely first-round playoff opponents 11% Hawken (4-1) 10% Canfield (2-3) 10% Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (3-2) 9% Alliance (3-2) 8% Kenston (4-1) According to Drew Pasteur's Predictions which are a very loose interpretation of the situation these would be the likley opponents for...
  11. East2012

    2023 Akron City Series Football

    I think as long as they run the table in the City, even with a loss to East (still a toss-up depending on which team of each shows up) they can finish #12-#16 and get in. At this point they are the only other hope for the City to secure a 2nd playoff spot, Firestone could also sneak in at 5-5...
  12. East2012

    2023 Akron City Series Football

    From the Beacon article it looks like East and Hoban havent played since '91, which predates any Joe Eitel records even. I would love to be able to get that info as well.
  13. East2012

    2023 Akron City Series Football

    I would argue that Bedford and Bene are no slouches....
  14. East2012

    2023 Akron City Series Football

    I wish them the best, it’s always more fun when both teams are tough going into Buchtel v East Week!
  15. East2012

    2023 Akron City Series Football

    This is Hobans homecoming and they’re replacement on the schedule for STVM, it’ll be good for Hoban to get some other kids in and get some varsity looks and potentially keep some kids healthy. I would also venture to guess that a Saturday day game given the geography of both teams could play in...
  16. East2012

    2023 Akron City Series Football

    I would argue that the Chaney game should have been a much wider margin of victory had it not been for the delay and fact that it had to be played over 2 days. At the point of suspension East had all the momentum, Chaney was starting to self implode, their QB had a stinger and was going to be...
  17. East2012

    Looking for photographers 📸 and game reporters 📰

    This is something that the kids will love as well, especially a school that doesnt normally get some love. I started working with East in 2021 running a social media presence, handling gameday graphics and doing photo/video for them as a project. This has now turned into essentially a fall job...
  18. East2012

    Akron East Dragons 2023 Football Preview

    Yes, all games on the schedule with the exception of Hoban (away) and Buchtel (away) are at ellet. They do host most of those on Thursdays to allow for Ellet or another APS school to take precedent over Friday Nights. Theoretically, my understanding is that if you have someone willing to travel...
  19. East2012

    Akron East Dragons 2023 Football Preview

    The longest trip of the season is 8.5 Miles to Copley road!
  20. East2012

    Akron East Dragons 2023 Football Preview

    This year's schedule is optimized to get them a top seed in D3R9, with truly only 2 out of City "tests" in YTown Chaney and the obvious Goliath that is Hoban. You could be looking at a team that if disciplined and executes even at 80% is sitting at 9-1 or 8-2 after week 10.