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    2024 Steubenville Big Red

    Pretty easy. Be an independent not part of a league and schedule anyone freely. Massillon does the same thing. Other schools would do it if they were able
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    2024 Steubenville Big Red

    There was a contract in place starting in 2023. Was supposed to be home/home but something fell through and never happened. Canfield wanted different terms than BR. So it got scrapped at last second. It was on Arbiter and everything
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    2024 Massillon Tigers

    Steubenville/Massillon Week 8?!?!? Come on!! Let’s make this happen!!!
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    Region 15: #1 Steubenville vs #2 Thornville Sheridan

    Watch!!! It’s 2023, apparently nowadays your Aunt is allowed to have balls!!! 😂
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    Region 15: #1 Steubenville vs #2 Thornville Sheridan

    Sheridan coach about Big Red: "Holy cow," Culver said. "Bring em' on. You gotta earn them 'S's.' That is what they said to us the first time we played them. We put it on T-shirts and I still talk about it with our freshman. You have to earn them 'S's. We're going to go down and earn our 'S'."
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    #1 Steubenville vs. #13 Indian Valley

    I just don't see how Indian Valley can keep up in this game. I don't think they are any better team than they were last year from what I have seen, and I honestly believe Big Red is a step up from what they were last year at this point in the season. I would say Licking Valley is a better team...
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    Big Red vs. Licking Valley

    Really dude??? Really?!?! Of course Big Red has been “beat”. Has happened plenty of times and I mean “beat”….. nobody ever stated that when they lose they don’t get “beat”
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    Linsly @ Dover

    Linsly is a solid football team. However, they are not the team they were last year. Steubenville handled them pretty well in the first half. Then for some reason fell asleep in the 2nd half. Linsly scored their 2nd half points on busted plays/blown coverages. If Dover is clicking, I believe...
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    Steubenville Away Game

    I love it when “we” (Massillon/Big Red) stick up for each other!!! It doesn’t happen often but there is respect there between both schools. We both know the trolling comes with the territory. When both schools or any perennial powerhouse are successful you get trolled. If we were a cupcake...
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    Steubenville @ Youngstown Ursuline

    Big Red was overwhelmed early in the game. Pass defense wasn’t great as normal. Shot them selves too many times in the foot early Big Red was down 29-6 at one point and battled back to 36-28. They fought!! Adjustments will be made this week and they’ll look like a new team vs New Phila
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    Schools that are on their second turf field?

    Steubenville Big Red is on their 3rd set on turf at Harding Stadium 1st set was installed in 2004 2nd set 2012 3rd set 2021
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    It’s official: Week 1: Steubenville @ Ursuline (Thursday)
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    D IV State Semi-Final: Steubenville (12-2) vs Wyoming (14-0)

    Realistically, Big Red didn’t need to throw the ball to win. Big Red could of ran the ball on every single snap and would of been fine if not better off. Most of the pass plays set BR back
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    D IV State Semi-Final: Steubenville (12-2) vs Wyoming (14-0)

    Welcome to a Steubenville football thread!! Get use to it, every week we see a “new” member on one of our threads that likes to “stir the pot”. It’s been going on since the JJHuddle days!! We know how Wyoming really feels. And I know how Steubenville feels. 2 great historic programs going at it...
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    D IV State Semi-Final: Steubenville (12-2) vs Wyoming (14-0)

    Who says Big Red is run heavy????? Do you not look at the stats?? Very well balanced. Big Red is run first but are not afraid to spread you out and throw it. Great running game sets up a good passing game Big Red will show you 100 different formations with different personnel every time. They...
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    D IV State Semi-Final: Steubenville (12-2) vs Wyoming (14-0)

    Honestly don’t bring attention to it! If it’s not brought up and we don’t feed into it this thread will stay on track
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    D IV State Semi-Final: Steubenville (12-2) vs Wyoming (14-0)

    This is gonna be a game. Wyoming is definitely the best team Big Red has played this year to this point. But I would also say Big Red is the best team Wyoming has played this year to this point. A key point in this game will be if Big Red cuts down on the penalty yards. If BR gets hit with...
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    Steubenville vs Indian Valley

    Can we talk about the Steubenville/IV game????
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    Regional Semifinal: Steubenville vs Columbus East

    There’s “one” reason….if it’s the one I think your talking about
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    Division lV Final 4?

    Wonder what route OHSAA will go in pairing the state semifinal games. What matchups do you think they will pair?