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  1. Lysdexic04

    State Tournament Streaming

    Noticed on the state tournament page OHSAA mentions the live streaming on NFHS network. I streamed for the 2021 tournament and it was fairly decent, but haven’t since. Was thinking of streaming instead of going, for various reasons. Can anyone who’s got some experience in the last couple years...
  2. Lysdexic04


    And Ty Wilson is also a 2x with a 3rd last year. Loss was to Herman in OT in the semis.
  3. Lysdexic04

    Ironman 2023

    And he took down 5 wrestlers nationally ranked by Flo in the Consos on his way to getting third: #20, 19, 15, 10 and 2
  4. Lysdexic04

    Region 18 Final: Coldwater (12-1) vs Liberty Center (13-0)

    I understand that’s how neutral sites typically work, but if say Wheelersburg, LC, Perry and Valley View win. You’re talking having a 2 1/2 hours from Burg to VV and 3 hours for LC to Perry vs 5 hour from Burg to Perry and 2 1/2 from LC to VV. Seems pretty logical. Buuuutttttt it is OHSAA we’re...
  5. Lysdexic04

    Region 18 Final: Coldwater (12-1) vs Liberty Center (13-0)

    Yes. Especially if Wheelersburg wins. Almost 5 hours between Perry and Wheelersburg and 4hr 15 to Canfield
  6. Lysdexic04

    Friday Updates (11/10/23)

    Patrick Henry and Hopewell Loudon
  7. Lysdexic04

    Division IV Region 13

    That is very true. I think we will also see how improved the CS defense is. Could very well be a very good game. As the old cop-out goes, game will come down to who makes least mistakes.
  8. Lysdexic04

    Division IV Region 13

    That’s a game I won’t be mad either way. I root for Akron City school 99% of the time, but I can’t go against Poochie Snyder to find a way.
  9. Lysdexic04

    Most Wins Against an Opponent without a Loss?

    Thorough research. Well done.
  10. Lysdexic04

    Carrollton (5-3) at West Branch (7-1) for the EBC title

    According to the database, going back to 1981 West Branch is 35-7 against their fellow Warriors.
  11. Lysdexic04

    Most Wins Against an Opponent without a Loss?

    At least according to the database, Arlington is 48-0 against Vanlue
  12. Lysdexic04

    Friday Updates (9/15/23)

    Jackson is Perry’s kryptonite. Even when everything else changes, that seems to stay.
  13. Lysdexic04

    Friday Night Updates (8/25/23)

    ScoreStream has 20-16 Wayne
  14. Lysdexic04

    Hoban '23

    I watched Douglass a couple years ago, and they’ve got talent. I believe that class had a handful of d1 recruits. According to their website, they’ve got about a dozen kids with d1 offers on their roster-6 with p5. So talent wise and on paper seems like they can. Unfortunately I saw them against...
  15. Lysdexic04

    NE Ohio Nationally Ranked

    Depending on the publication, you can also add T Miller for Eds at 165 to that list
  16. Lysdexic04

    My predictions of state champs coming from Troy d3 district

    Maybe? Both Blaze (obviously already discussed) and Joy would like a discussion.
  17. Lysdexic04

    OHSAA Wrestling State Tournament Tickets Now on Sale

    There wasn’t any by 12:25.
  18. Lysdexic04

    Friday Updates (11/25/22)

    We’ve already seen Eds vs Moe once…
  19. Lysdexic04

    D III State Semi-Final: Bloom Carroll (13-1) vs Tippecanoe (13-1)

    6’10?? Is that a typo or legit?
  20. Lysdexic04

    D IV State Semi-Final: Jefferson Area (11-3) vs Glenville (13-0) @ Perry Perry. “Hoosiers”. In real life.

    The comment was in response to a statement about WH schedule being garbage on a yearly basis. Make comments on trends overtime, recent history becomes relevant.