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    Memes, funny picture thread (for politics) (part 2)

    No you won't. They gave those companies immunity against these lawsuits.
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    Trump Investigation, Lawsuit and Indictment Tracker

    The word "debate" implies a reasonable expectation that people are making a good faith argument. The people on my ignore list are either those who admit that they are just here to troll, or they have said something so egregious that I have zero doubt that trolling is their only reason for being...
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    Milesplit Entries and just general questions

    Unfortunately, no. We don't have many (any?) seated athletes in my area. I always post on the pre-meet memo that coaches should email me if they do. If I ever get one, I intend to just create the event and enter the athlete manually. Or, more likely, I'll include him/her in the standard...
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    Milesplit Entries and just general questions

    I've seen this. It is annoying, but as you said it does not seem to be a problem when you download entries. On the website, Milesplit seems to be showing the relay as entered for the number of legs that were included. So, if the coach puts 8 runners on the relay team (4 runners and 4...
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    Beyond the adverse property laws, part of this is also due to laws in some states that are very pro-tenant. These states purposely made it difficult to evict a tenant, and these are the laws that are being used by the squatters. They make up a lease and take over a house. When the homeowner...
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    Baltimore Bridge Collapse

    And that flyover on 270 to keep the traffic from 315 entering and the traffic leaving for US23 from having to cross each other was genius!
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    Baltimore Bridge Collapse

    SIL is also an abbreviation for son-in-law.
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    Supreme Court News

    Remember this decision. The opinion page is no longer the only place where opinions are published in a newspaper. The courts have ruled that the entire newspaper can be opinions only and no facts are required.
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    Do not take Ivermectin to treat Covid

    They also ignore the fact that he is looking at the gentleman who just left the lectern and is ASKING HIM A F---ING QUESTION. The QUESTION is directed at him. It is not a directive to the general population to go out and inject bleach. It is a QUESTION asking if that's something that is...
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    Baltimore Bridge Collapse

    The 233 million pounds you cite is likely a measurement of gravitational weight. One would also need to know the speed of the vessel to determine its momentum and from there one should be able to find the force applied to the bridge.
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    Matt Gaetz....the end is near

    I put it up there with the picture of the coffee pot.
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    Biden's planned, purposeful invasion at the southern border - Part V (at least)

    This is the correct decision. I only have to wonder if there are similar cases she's heard with U.S. citizens where she found a reason to violate the SA.
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    Opening Weekend 2024

    Milesplit shows 22 meets scheduled for Saturday. Baumspage shows 7 meets. What's the over/under on how many of these will actually be run? says 35° at meet time for my meet, and below freezing when I would normally arrive to set up a PV venue.
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    Yes. The media should have used a search engine to understand what BLOODBATH meant.
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    When someone posted the screenshot from m-w the other day, I was waiting for it to disappear from that site. I'm kind of impressed it hasn't yet.
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    Matt Gaetz....the end is near

    Six flagpoles in front of what is probably a $350,000 (low-income) house.
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    Matt Gaetz....the end is near

    For some reason I find it even more enjoyable that he changed the verb in that post rather than simply using the correct homophone. I don't usually experience schadenfreude, but he excels in inducing it.
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    Seriously? What about all those people who showed up and made sure we all knew how conservative they were but vowed they would never vote for Trump. And then, as time went on, their views seemed to drift further and further left until they became a full-blown socialist.
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    Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic spreads from China to US

    I didn't read the article, but I saw a headline last week about a pandemic that lasted thousands of years. I thought it was odd, now it makes sense.
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    Matt Gaetz....the end is near

    Cool. They're going to lift it up and make it more prominent.