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    Suburban League - American (23/24)

    IDK who Saboo is, but John Sabol is from Barberton and graduated from there.
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    We all make mistakes!! No harm, No Foul. :ROFLMAO:
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    Family sues school over their son being cut from the basketball team

    Unfortunate, definitely sounds like retaliation. Without more context, its subjective but it sounds like something that could have been handled in house without getting the law involved. If the kid was a 2-year starter and was all league twice then he should definitely be on the team but its...
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    Akron City Series Basketball 2023-2024

    I went to the Firestone game at Buchtel last week. My mother is alumna. They had a fundraiser last year to get new padded seats for the players and coaches. The seats read the name of the donators which I thought was really cool. Buchtel looked good early taking a commanding lead and made a lot...
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    Ryan Day

    1-6 vs Top 5 schools **
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    Ryan Day

    True, but he is just 1-6 vs Top 10 teams.
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    Ryan Day

    Clever putting this thread in the HS forum. Definitely got more hits because of it. It felt like to me that the Michigan injury gave them the momentum they needed to finish the game with a W. Disappointing for Ryan Day and OSU fans. I don't think they will fire him this year. Another year or 2...
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    D II State Semifinal: Massillon 14-0 vs Cincinnati Anderson 13-1

    Sounds like an exciting matchup. I am guessing Massillon pulls away late and wins by 2 scores.
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    Praying Tusky Valley

    Very sad. Praying for all those involved. My Condolences 🙏
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    Week 13 (Division VI, Region 21 Semifinal): #5 Cuyahoga Heights (10-1) at #1 Kirtland (11-1)

    Kirkland 42-21 sounds about right here. Good luck to both teams
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    Canton McKinley (9-3) vs St Edward (11-1)

    Ed's 35-10
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    Thursday Updates (10/26/23)

    I think these were make up games -- If it were the Senate League Championship, wouldn't Glenville Tarblooders be there?
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    Friday Updates (10/13/23)

    Was there not a Friday Night final thread for week 9?
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    Friday Updates (10/13/23)

    What time did the game start, 3p?
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    What League Do You Follow?

    FED, Suburban, WRC, Metro, and APS (Akron Public Schools)
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    Friday Finals (10/6/23)

    Hoban 28 Glenview 16
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    Friday Updates (10/6/23)

    Hoban 28 Glenville 16 2:14 left in the 4th Quarter
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    Friday Finals (9/29/23)

    why though?
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    Paying cash for tickets at the gate??

    I went to the East vs Youngstown Chaney game at Ellet the first week of the season. The ticket was $5 and I paid cash. I believe they played on 8/17. There was a rain delay so they had to finish the next day; but I was able to pay with cash or debit card -- they had both options available.
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    Federal League Picks Week 2

    Avon Massillon Green Hudson Mayfield Lake SVSM 54