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    Final Scores (1/15)

    Beavercreek 44 Bellbrook 42 Well played game by both teams. But the last 3 minutes was some of the worst officiating I’ve ever seen. And I’m really old.
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    Bellbrook 63 Edgewood 43 Edgewood was up at the half 25-18.
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    Final Scores (12/2)

    Bellbrook 55 Franklin 23
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    Final Scores (11/30)

    Bellbrook 57 Edgewood 27
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    OHSAA Tournament. Southwest..

    Any way to check if Samantha Erbach's 6 goals is a record for a tournament game? There was also an own goal that was a deflection of another shot of hers. She is a very special player.
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    OHSAA Tournament. Southwest..

    Waynesville 9 Bloom Carroll 2
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    OHSAA Tournament. Southwest..

    Anyone know when tickets for the Waynesville game Tuesday will be available? EDIT: They are now available.
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    Week 8

    Right?!? I love to watch this Bellbrook team play, but I had mixed feelings when I learned they dropped back down into DII, knowing what team is 7 miles south…
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    Week 8

    Her hands were definitely up, but in this type of situation, a quick read of the girls on the field tells me a lot. Not one of them protested, nor did the coach. As I wrote, even as a Bellbrook fan, I thought this officiating crew did an exemplary job the whole game. Did I agree with every...
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    Week 8

    Bellbrook-Milford was a great game. Teams were very evenly matched, although I think Bellbrook had more/better scoring chances. Scoreless draw at the half. Bellbrook's goal came about 10 minutes into the second half, a great run down the sideline then a perfect cross and finish. But that energy...
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    Week 7...

    Bellbrook 1 Lakota East 1
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    2022-23 SW D1

    Bellbrook - Fairborn has been cancelled. Bellbrook moves on to the next round.
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    Final Scores (2/2)

    Bellbrook 52 Waynesville 40 Bellbrook avenges a last-second loss to a very good Spartan team earlier in the season. Taylor Scohy had 29 points for the Golden Eagles...
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    Divisional Breakdown - Enrollments

    Difference in enrollment between smallest and largest schools in each division: IV - 107 III - 80 II - 130 I - 1026 Is there a fairer way?
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    Final Scores (1/10)

    Bellbrook 55 Wayne 49 Scohy with 27 for Bellbrook.
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    Bellbrook @ Mason postponed

    Bellbrook was supposed to play @ Mason Friday afternoon. Postponed until January 30.
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    Final Scores (12/19)

    Bellbrook 78 Trotwood Madison 50
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    Final Scores (12/17)

    Bellbrook 65 Oakwood 32
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    2022 SWBL

    Bellbrook 72 Franklin 63
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    Ohio Kids playing in College this year

    What happened to Ryan Chew? He's no longer shown the roster at IU South Bend.