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    Best team likely not going to make the playoffs?

    Yes, what I am saying is, total mess in Sunbury. Went from a very good team/program to not even making the field of 16 with some of the best talent the school has had. So, talent is important, but culture, execution, and putting everything together is much more important.
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    Call for replacing HS coaches?

    At the Varsity level and running a program for an entire town, I think at times it is very important to make a change for the betterment of your athletes. At the Varsity level I think if a district knows that their coach is not performing to the caliber of their expectation then they should...
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    DIII Regional 11 - Predictions?

    Not to mention they have a really good High School coach who has pride in being a Ranger and has built a strong culture with the great talent! So yes, very talented but the coaches have also had a great impact on the successes.
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    Best team likely not going to make the playoffs?

    Big Walnut not making the playoffs is crazy. They have big time talent. Generational talent and not going to be playing a week 11. Ouch.
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    #15, 2-6, "Control Own Destiny"...THE PLAYOFFS KINDA SUCK.

    Why even do Regions? Top 32 Harbin Points in each division go to the Playoffs. Reward teams for scheduling tough teams and reward them for winning those games in the regular season. No need for 16 weeks in High School. I do not know the answer but a 1 win or no-win team making the post season...
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    Biggest Surprises/Biggest Disappointments through 5

    Yes! There are some really good D7 Teams! To say D7 isn't good football... Well, you don't know what you don't know sometimes.
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    Biggest Surprises/Biggest Disappointments through 5

    What are some of the biggest program surprises and some of the most underwhelming team performances through 5 weeks?