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  1. Zunardo

    University of Florida Fires All DIE Employees

    "Were (not was)" ? I believe they call that type of plagiarism walking the dinosaur.
  2. Zunardo

    Christian Nationalism

    Interesting and well-reasoned op-ed by David French in the NYT: "If you’re alarmed by the rise of Christian nationalism, the single worst thing you can do is define it too broadly......"
  3. Zunardo

    White Rural Rage

    Would be a cool name for a band.
  4. Zunardo

    Digital photo frames

    Experience the nostalgia of reliving a 2015 thread.
  5. Zunardo

    Christian Nationalism

    Excellent summation of that passage in Matthew 7:1-5. Couple that with Jesus' commandment to judge with correct judgment in John 7:24. Wait, Jesus actually said that? :eek: Judge in the sense of condemning someone to hell? Never. Judge in the sense of discerning? Of course.
  6. Zunardo

    Trump’s gym shoes

    Whoa mama - serious bling!
  7. Zunardo

    White Rural Rage

  8. Zunardo

    So why is Biden going to Brownsville Texas?

    Gonna do some smokin' in the boys room.
  9. Zunardo

    Christian Nationalism

    Sounds like Mr. Onishi has de-constructed himself into being an atheist, and that it didn't happen slowly. Kinda feel sorry for him. Judging from what I've read so far, sounds like he never had a firm biblical foundation as a new believer. Seems to be of the mindset that "I no longer believe...
  10. Zunardo

    Thoughts on BLM Leader's comments?

    Some days I don't know how I'm able to look myself in the mirror.
  11. Zunardo

    White Rural Rage

    I better let my aunt Hephzibah and uncle Ballard know they’ve been elevated to “biggest threat to democracy” status. They’ll probably grill some ramps and have a party!
  12. Zunardo

    Wendy's to roll out Uber-style surge-pricing, with menu prices fluctuating based on demand

    Wendy's: "Dynamic pricing doesn't mean surge pricing - for now ........"
  13. Zunardo

    What Movies Did You Watch in February 2024?

    "Patterns", aka "Patterns of Power" (1956) - 6/8 Ruthless CEO recruits idealistic industrial engineer in Mansfield OH to become vice-president of a manufacturing conglomerate in NYC, hoping to corrupt the younger man into his own dog-eat-dog image. Classic post-WWII drama about the evils and...
  14. Zunardo

    Israel - Hamas War Addendum

    What futile gesture. Drugs? Mental illness? At least he didn't take out anyone else.
  15. Zunardo

    Footloose turns 40

    This. ^^^ But I hated more that I wasn't willing to try. A year ago I finally signed up for an R&B line dance class for seniors 50+. And I'm the only guy in class. Talk about being self-conscious. Those old ladies were giggling as I struggled and stomped around like Godzilla those first...
  16. Zunardo

    Hunter Biden Shows Joe Is No Longer in Control of the Plot

    Very interesting take. Apparently the veep has been spending some time in the woodshed trying to shore up her qualifications and insider marketability. Kudos for giving it the old college try, but may be too little too late. Wasn't that long ago Harris was complaining about Secretary Pete...
  17. Zunardo

    Footloose turns 40

    Didn't like the movie. Kept rolling my eyes at the storyline and stereotypes. I did identify strongly with Chris Penn's character - couldn't dance a lick and too embarrassed to try back then. Watching the movie didn't encourage me, lol. And I hated that stupid theme song. The rest of the...
  18. Zunardo

    Biden is more coherent than trump

    Good stuff. Reminds me of the high school basketball B&W photography kick I went on 40-some years ago. When shooting with no flash, if there was a good racial mix on the floor, you had to either set the exposure for the black faces (making the white faces washed-out), or vice-versa and have...
  19. Zunardo

    Trump or Biden

    Ah, it seems like only yesterday conservatives were going easy on John Fetterman for seemingly going against his party and standing up for Israel. But all good things gotta come to an end, and the Prodigal Senator has come back home...
  20. Zunardo

    What Movies Did You Watch in February 2024?

    How Green Was My Valley (1941) 6.5/8 In a village in south Wales, a man and his five sons work the dangerous town coal mine, while his beautiful daughter is pursued by the wealthy mine owner's son. The opening and closing are narrated by the youngest son, now an older man who rhapsodizes...