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    Basketball 2023-2024

    First game attended this year. Horrible - coaching/fundamentals/ball control /rebounding!!! This program under Goedde is sinking - what Fleming built is destroyed and being reconstructed down the road at "the other school." Goedde simply cannot coach - him and his tweets on "brotherhood" is him...
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    La Salle Lancers 2022-23 Boys Basketball Preview

    Another "LONG" year! It will never be the same with these set of coaches as it was with Fleming. They are too concerned with living in the past with their "brotherhood" tweets than interested in winning. Only hope we can have is getting the Fleming boys back!
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    This will be a running clock in first half!!
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    LaSalle 2022

    Re-arranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship!
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    (2-0) Cincinnati Lasalle @ (2-0) Kettering Fairmont - Week 3

    Not with this coaching staff!!!!
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    (2-0) Cincinnati Lasalle @ (2-0) Kettering Fairmont - Week 3

    It just goes to show that these coaches we have now (football, basketball) are really not that good!!! Anyone could have coached those teams in the past 5-8 years and won. I know you have to have some talent but now is where coaching should come into play - Mcloughlin and Goede are no...
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    (2-0) Cincinnati Lasalle @ (2-0) Kettering Fairmont - Week 3

    I think the glory years of all sports is gone!! Football, basketball baseball etc.... No more Larkins etc to lead the way. Glad I did get to enjoy several years of greatness mat least Now were back to the same old classic LaSalle for years to come!!!!!
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    Week 2: Elder(1-0) vs Pickerington Central(1-0)

    You shouldn't have a problem with LS - the 2-0 record is deceiving
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    LaSalle 2022

    Anyone would look good against that team. Overall, the LS starters did not impress me especially the QB play against that team. They are going to get killed by the GCL!