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    Parking for State Finals

    I looked at a couple recent posts but could not find much about parking for the games this weekend Is there enough? How early should we plan to arrive for the Thursday game? I am sure that place will be full with Massillon people Is it safe?
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    Best Game in Cincy on Tuesday?

    Just became free tonight, what is the best game in the Cincy area tonight? Looked like St X - Turpin might be, any others?
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    Wally Vickers

    I guess he retired today and Clint Adkins is taking over, long time assistant. Per Mike Dyer on Twitter.
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    Luke Kennard - Mr Basketball

    Going to be officially named tonight
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    Best First Round Matchup in SWO?

    What is the best first round game in SWO? I see some really good round 2 matchups but not many in the opening round, thoughts?
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    Hamilton Badin

    Things seem to be going OK for the Rams, 4-0 start!! Don't think they can win at Bacon on Friday but still a real nice start after all the drama that happened a about a month ago.
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    Best Game in the Cincy/Dayton Area on Friday

    I have a free night on Friday, what are some of the best games in Cincy and or Dayton?
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    Badin vs Fenwick

    Any thoughts on this one? I have not seen either but I have to think that Fenwick would be the favorite? Also anyone know why they are playing at Monroe? Should be a good one!
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    Badin vs CHCA

    Should be a good one on Thursday in Xenia, what do you guys think?
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    Hamilton Badin/SWO D3

    Badin is now 20-2 and looks pretty good! Who is good in D3 in SWO? I don't know much about the other schools at all when it comes to softball so I am just trying to see who they will have to beat to advance in the tourney.
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    And Now The Fun Begins!!

    What are the best first round matchups? I love this time of year!! Should be fun!
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    Cincy D-1 Players

    Who from the Cincy (maybe even Dayton?) area is going to a D-1 school next year? I know Walnut Hills has a few and the Davenport kid from Moe, who else? I like to try to get out and see some of the best around when I can.
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    Lakota East @ West

    What are your thoughts on this game? Both teams seem to be playing for any type of playoff life they have? Should be a good one.
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    Cincinnati Bengals 2012 Thread

    No Bengals thread on here yet? I am jacked for the season and expect BIG things. With that said I know that I am a Bengals fan and when we get worked up about something we usually get let down, this has a different feeling though! What do you guys think?
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    Hamilton Badin

    Is the streak in doubt? They have won their division of the GCL for something like 20 straight years (maybe more?) but I just noticed that they are 7-6 right now? Not sure what the rest of the GCL has this year but it looks like this might be the time to get them? Anyone have any info on them?
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    Notre Dame 2012

    What do you guys think? They are going to have a 4-way battle for the QB spot, which I think is a bad thing, but they still have some weapons on O and the D should be REALLY good!!
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    Badin 2012

    Does the beat roll on for Badin this year? Treadway takes over, do they win the GCL again for the 22nd time in a row? I heard they looked pretty good vs Butler (who is supposed to be REALLY good this year) so that cant be a bad thing!
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    Anyone Going to Indy?

    We are going to head over this week sometime to check it all out! Has anyone been over there yet or planning on it? Should be a great time!
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    NKU to join Atlantic Sun

    I know they are a Kentucky School but they have some Ohio kids at the school now and more on the way, good for them!
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    ND at Wake Forest

    I dont know much about Wake this year but I do know that they are REALLY fired up for this game. What do you guys think?