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    Southwest District D1 Discussion

    Did I miss a thread about the D1 tournament in region 4? Doesn't seem like there is much talk. I looked at the bracket, after not seeing one game this year, and wondered why Centerville didn't want to play Northmont instead of Wayne? My other question was if Oak Hills could have had a better...
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    Sportstime Ohio TV question

    Does anyone know of a way to watch the game Loveland vs Lakota East at 11 pm tomorrow without having time warner. I have fioptics and don't know anyone with twc.
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    Question about Southwest District Draw

    Does anyone know exactly how it works? I understand there are 3 sectionals in Dayton and 5 in Cincy. I understand that Dayton teams are seeded separately from Cincy. So, if for example, Wayne is #1, Centerville 2, and then in Cincy, Mason is 1, and Wilmington 2 (just example). Does this...