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  1. murphy13

    D II State Semifinal: Winton Woods (12-1) vs. Massillon (10-3)

    Massillon vs Winton Woods Discuss... Go Tigers!
  2. murphy13

    Week 12 Massillon vs Ashland

    Who wins and why?
  3. murphy13

    For the old timers and out of towners....

    Just out of curiousity how much would you pay for a season pass to watch your favorite high school football team be broadcast online? As many communities around the state of Ohio are starting to show their age maybe making it to the game is a bigger chore than it used to be or perhaps you live...
  4. murphy13

    Where is Oil Filter?

    After reading about North Viking I noticed Oil Filter hasn't been posting. Anyone know what's up with that?
  5. murphy13

    Mt. Healthy @ Massillon

    Does anybody know anything about the owls?:shrug: I see they are 5-2 against some recognizable names which leads me to believe they will be very tough. Does anyone know what kind of offense they run, star players, defensive schemes ect.?
  6. murphy13

    Steubenville @ Massillon part 2...

    for those of you that picked seven pages you will have a beer waiting for you after the game on friday! If your schools starters are picked by mothers over wine and cheese you have no business in this thread please take it elsewhere and keep it to this game only.
  7. murphy13

    Big Red(4-0) @ Massillon(4-0)

    It should be a dandy of a game!
  8. murphy13

    Massillon vs MLC

    Does anyone know anything about MLC?:shrug:
  9. murphy13

    Massillon vs Lorain scrimmage

    Is anyone there? how are the teams looking?