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    What happened at Rootstown?

    Just read Rootstown is looking for a new Head Wrestling Coach, Asst. Coach and Jr. High Coaches. They have a very good program and had great Head Coach. Wonder what happened.
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    What is going in at Woodmore

    I was told today that Woodmore canceled Jr. High Football, only had 10 players total in 7th and 8th grade come out. I know that Woodmore has lost many good players that transferred to Genoa and TCC, but they're a D6 school with a good past. Sad
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    When is Buckman & Boro final ranking out?

    I can't believe Buckman and Boro hasn't released there final rankings. Brakeman always had his out the 3rd or 4th week of January. There's not much guessing after sectionals.
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    Eaton Invitational

    Top wrestlers and thoughts. Bucksman what do you have.