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    Lakota D-3 District Rankings #1

    Yes, Napoleon is the new NW D3 site for at least one year. I did see Bluffton will be the new team going to Van Buren with Kenton going To LCC.
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    Division 3 NW District Tournament

    Rumor has it if Lakota doesn't take it the District may go back to Defiance or maybe Rossford new building will be done by then, but neither of those schools are D3 and workers will be hard to fine.
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    Griffin Will Not Return As Lima Sr. Football Coach

    Lima should go after Derek Kidwell of Fostoria. I think he was an asst. coach when Lima won state, coached at Fremont Ross for years and did ok Trac plus lead Fostoria to their best season in years this year.
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    Northwest Ohio Playoff thread

    You can take it to the bank, Rayford is out the rest of the season for a second violation. Same one that he had to set out in track last year. I don't think they can beat Liberty Benton now. I was hoping for a great game with Oak Harbor but not now. He sure let his team down. Hopefully thing...
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    Lima Senior / Lima Central Catholic Thursday 8/29

    LCC won't get many points from this game. Lima Sr. maybe the worst team in the Trac. Only changes to win will be Clay and Ross. Dumb game to schedule for LCC.
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    Northern Buckeye Conference 2019

    I agree with most except Woodmore, they will not be going to 8 man. Woodmore has 39 players out and be much improved because of numbers i skill positions.
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    Lakota D-3 District Rankings (Off-Season #2)

    This is good for the first one. I would think Kenton would go to the LCC sectional.
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    Sandusky Bay Conference 2019-20

    It's bad when you have to talk about yourself. Freeman hasn't been very good since he wrestled 106. Crawford pinned him and beat him out for 126 last year. Crawford the only decent wrestler Hopewell has.
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    What happened at Rootstown?

    Just read Rootstown is looking for a new Head Wrestling Coach, Asst. Coach and Jr. High Coaches. They have a very good program and had great Head Coach. Wonder what happened.
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    What is going in at Woodmore

    I was told today that Woodmore canceled Jr. High Football, only had 10 players total in 7th and 8th grade come out. I know that Woodmore has lost many good players that transferred to Genoa and TCC, but they're a D6 school with a good past. Sad
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    When is Buckman & Boro final ranking out?

    I can't believe Buckman and Boro hasn't released there final rankings. Brakeman always had his out the 3rd or 4th week of January. There's not much guessing after sectionals.
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    Eaton Invitational

    Top wrestlers and thoughts. Bucksman what do you have.