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    Trump booed at Army Navy game

    Thought I'd save happy the trouble and get this thread started for him.
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    Ohio HS QB wins Grey Cup

    Zach Collaros from Steubenville led the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to the Grey Cup win tonight. Previously, Trevor Harris from Marion Pleasant led the Ottawa RedBlacks to a Grey Cup championship.
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    Tour de France

    Anyone watching the Tour? I look forward to the Tour each year just to see the sights along the route. Miss the little towns of Europe and the drives in the country. Postcard worthy scenery.
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    Wrangler NFR

    Anyone else watching the rodeo from Las Vegas? Wife and I were out there for the rodeo two years ago. Great time..
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    Redesign Air Force One

    The next Trump "treasonous" act will be to scrap the "Kennedy" blue and white color scheme in favor of a red, white and blue motif for Air Force One. Since it is not planned to be complete until 2024 there will be 6 years to rile up the masses to halt this attack on an American royal family and...
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    Le Tour de France

    Anybody watching the Tour? Several pile-ups today in the first stage.
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    Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors.:Party:
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    Grey Cup

    Watching the Grey Cup between Toronto and Calgary. Being played in Ottawa in a "Winter Wonderland". Lots of slipping and sliding. DeVier Posey of Toronto, prior of Ohio State, was the receiver on a Grey Cup record forward pass of 100 yards. Fun game to watch.
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    Some 8s and 9s

    8 then 9 R3 Hilliard Darby 21.4500 Reynoldsburg 21.4000 R4 Fairfield 17.3500 Elder 17.3395 R22 Ada 12.0000 Crestview 11.9500 R28 Ansonia 7.3000 Lockland 7.2261 R5 Mayfield 13.8000 Garfield Heights 13.6000 R18 Swanton 14.8000 Liberty Center 14.6000 Comments/thoughts?
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    Slow-mo replays

    I think the time has come to restrict the showing of the slow-mo replays to the announcers in the booth. Instead of having to make a call in real time, these talking heads have the luxury of viewing the play over and over and nit-pick the whole sequence. Usually these "experts" disagree with...
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    Oddities in football schedules

    While checking on past game results, I came across what I vividly remember from a past year. In 2006 Marion Pleasant opened the season losing to St. Henry 35-7. Pleasant than won 10 in a row and faced St. Henry in the regional semis. You guessed it, St. Henry won 28-0 and went on to win the D5...
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    Went to watch one of my granddaughters play softball yesterday, 22 April, and about half of the girls on the opposing team had advertisements for two local businesses on the back of their jerseys. While the name of the school was not on the jersey, their nickname was. Any ideas on...
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    Early game blowouts

    I don't really have an opinion on this. I have heard several proposals, including a team opting out of playing in the tournament, but would be interested in hearing what others have to say. In early games in D1 there have been 16 games with margin of victory ranging from 50 to 91 points; D2 12...
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    Biggest score since advent of "Running Clock"

    Last night Howard East Knox defeated Marion Elgin 83 to 34. Anyone know of bigger scores?