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  1. cpc5304

    One loss 4-timers

    I have an under 50% faith in this being correct, honestly, but its what my memory is telling me.
  2. cpc5304

    One loss 4-timers

    That was Taylor's junior year, Clark's sophomore. Taylor wrestled 103-103-112-135, Clark was 103-112-119-130.
  3. cpc5304

    Ian Miller Takes Over Western Reserve Academy Job

    Any info on age range for the open mats? Have a rising 2nd grader that I wouldn't mond getting on the mats a little.
  4. cpc5304

    U16 mens FS discussion thread

    I feel like I remember Hunter Stieber losing to Evan Henderson at the Ironman as well. His Ironman weights were always brutal, he often had a bunch of those big lightweight stars to contend with, Sam White, Ty Mitch, Jerome Robinson, Mines from Maple, etc. He had a barn burner with Mitch in the...