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    Can Mason B & G repeat another double win at DI State meet

    Check out the last decade of D1 boys and girls team champs (not even looking at runner ups)..private school or very big schools the last decade. Sure a lot has to do with culture, knowledge, motivation, etc and this is not taking away a state title honor from any of these coaches but rather the...
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    Strongsville Fleet Feet Invite Girls Recap

    The girls end of this meet looked very competitive! Results for this course looks fast so I wonder the terrain and whatnot..regardless it looked like 9 Teams on the State Poll (Salem being a top 10 team D2) so that gives us some insight team to team wise and also I looked at a few past meets to...
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    2023 XC Season

    Agree, Davidson looks good and seemingly a state champ team. thoughts on any other teams that can *possibly* contend to beat them or the teams you think that will finish top 2-5 at state (girls)
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    2023 XC Season

    Both boys and girls D1 races were good! Steele boys placing 2nd was awesome and Lakota West girls look great! Rocky river girls placed 7th and jumped about 10 spots from this same meet last year. Prodoehl looked solid. Any other impressive boys/girls teams/runners that stood out or suprised?
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    better way?

    I think pyschodad puts a lot of marbles in the perspective that the top 4 regional placers are guaranteed (relays and field events are included) and is saying there are never occasions where athletes/relays who are seeded 5th-16 make it in the top 4 at Regionals..I guess dq's, bad days, etc...
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    better way?

    Valid points and questions. I think the approach the NCAA does (D2 as example) is each event varies how many go based on that given year (talent wise/performance wise). In some years in the 800m for example, 23 runners in the 800m qualify from the provo/auto mark, and then an event (let's say...
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    better way?

    All of these replies are good! Thank you
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    better way?

    I am not sure "the better way" to allow all of these talented kids and teams to be part of even more competitive Regions or just having the opportunity to compete at Regionals where the Districts they are in now are just crazy fast (This Steele Region will have Clute, Peer, and Isham all in the...
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    State (Team) predictions, Division 1

    Coaches Poll has this as their rankings prior to Saturday, which I feel is pretty good! (Girls) 1. H.D 2. Mason 3. Westlake 4. Perrysburg 5. Dublin Jerome 6. Shaker Heights 7. Loveland 8. Avon 9. Medina 10. Centerville 11. Beavercreek 12. Olentangy Liberty 13. Lakota West 14. Marysville 15...
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    State (Team) predictions, Division 1

    D1 Girls: 1. Mason 2. Hilliard Davidson 3. Perrysburg 4. Loveland 5. Westlake 6. Dublin Jerome 7. Shaker Heights 8. Avon 9. Lakota West 10. Beavercreek D1 Boys: 1. Mason 2. Lancaster 3. Hilliard Davidson 4. TSF 5. M. Perry 6. Coffman 7. St. X 8. M. Jackson 9. Miamisburg 10...
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    Prayers for Minerva

    I agree, I think this whole thing is very sad and devastating, but to have both teams not compete at Regionals but at the State Meet I do not agree with. I cannot imagine what the family, team, and community are feeling and dealing with right now, but I do not think having their teams not...
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    Rank the district courses from fastest to slowest

    It is crazy how much people worry and focus on time in XC..Track is much easier and consistent to utilize times and compare them person/team to person/team. XC there are simply way too many variables that alter the time/performance of a whether it is the postseason or not, just look...
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    Lorain District Results

    It was neat to see Woodridge win both boys and girls at Districts. D1 boys Medina won like expected but not as much as i thought. With highland and rocky river both having strong front 3 runners but some gap after with their 4 and 5, For D1 girls, no surprise Westlake won, but Medina and...